10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs The Professional Document Analyzer


It is that time of the year. To start fresh with business planning and make it an even bigger year for the bottom line.

The Professional Document Analyzer Is Your Next Tech Solution

  1. It converts Word documents to Excel-This PDA capability will allow you to take unstructured text and parse it by sentence, paragraph, and segment. This is a novel capability with endless possibilities for business performance and the first of its kind in the market. 
  2. Put structure to unstructured data-Using the convert Word document to Excel capability, you can understand untapped data better by organizing it. This gives your business insight and potential into company data left in plain sight. 
  3. Breakdown content to create a project plan- Other possibilities include a quality control plan or a requirements traceability matrix that breaks down into product features. Convert Word documents into Excel format to import into Microsoft Project to save an extra step when drafting project plans.
  4. Shipley Associate templates-The PDA was created with templates from Shipley Associates, the leading authority in federal government contracting. When generating a compliance matrix or navigating FAR codes in a proposal, rely on the gold standard of templates in federal government contracting for guidance. 
  5. The real RACI Matrix-An outstanding feature of the Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) is RACI. The RACI matrix is favored by many businesses for the ability to assign roles during a timeline of a project. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed and it makes collaboration across teams and silos better.
  6. AcroSeeker-In a world filled with confusing acronyms, be clear on the definition for your document. A standard acronym dictionary, as well as a customizable option, identifies acronyms with and without names. If compliance for an RFP hinges on the correct usage of acronyms, the AcroSeeker is the capability you need. 
  7. Customizable dictionaries-Not all dictionaries are created equal especially when it comes to verticals such as legal and healthcare. The PDA allows the user to create custom dictionaries that will highlight and identify keywords. Further capabilities include weighted dictionaries which assign value to a word based on configuration.
  8. QC Readability-Struggling with hard-to-read proposals? The QC Readability feature analyzes content page after page for grade-level readability. For an effective message, communication must be concise and clear to engage the reader. Save hours of manual editing and rewrites by using automation to craft a more compelling message. 
  9. Parsing and shredding a document-The PDA is the content analytics platform that analyzes batches of content in an instant. No more death by Excel. No more endless email chains that go where all things internet go to die. No more relying on the lost art of copy and pasting. Step confidently into the new year of content analysis with parsing and shredding. 
  10. Empower the User-It is 2021, the year that with Professional Document Analyzer capabilities, you oversee your business. This is the content analytics platform that empowers the user with customizable and flexible capabilities full of potential, performance, and power.

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