Ecommerce Shopping: The Techie Survival Guide to Cyber Monday

Ecommerce Shopping: The Techie Survival Guide to Cyber Monday

This post goes out to all the techies who dream of Cyber Monday with an intensity reserved for iPhone launches and posts going viral on Instagram.

Did you see what Apple did this year? A simple “Friday” to tease you with the greatness to come on Thanksgiving in a sleek white box.

While we do not promise you that these Cyber Monday tips will get you any closer to hanging out with the design engineers at Apple Park in Palo Alto; it is as close as you can get to the best in tech products while remaining in the comfort of your living room.

Malls Are So Yesterday 

 Long lanes of shops and outposts of fast-food blend into a suburban landscape complete with elevator music. If you enjoy standing outside the mall in a three-point stance waiting for pre-dawn savings, then you might want to visit.

However, if a combination of the pandemic and Thanksgiving bliss has you shopping from home, Cyber Monday is made for you.

Cyber Monday established in 2005 when the Internet was still a teenager is traditionally the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Cyber Monday 

This year, Cyber Monday falls on 11/30/20.

Just like the story of the turkey feast, Cyber Monday had a beginning when retailers realized they can devote a whole day to the large amount of online shopping that took place on the first workday after Thanksgiving.

Cyber Monday is profitable with an estimated $9.4 billion in sales in 2019 meaning Americans and their credit cards were busy.

5 techie survival tips:

  1. Plan Your Shopping Early- Focus is the name of the game. Plan and research your purchases in advance, so a massive discount on video games will be less enticing as an impulse buy. Have a shopping list and stick to it.
  2. Search for Promotions- Cyber Monday is such a big deal that special sites are setup for promotions. Comparison-shopping and setting alerts will be useful as you navigate thousands of tech deals.
  3. Go Mobile- Mobile apps empower you to make quick comparisons on the fly.
  4. Check Timing- Just like in life, timing is everything in Cyber Monday. Historically, the steepest discounts are given out early. Check the rules of the site if there are any time limits or restrictions on buying.
  5. Beware of Hidden Costs- In those seductive Cyber Monday deals, hidden costs may be lurking such as extravagant shipping costs, unusual taxes, or other taxes that may ruin your savings bliss.

These tips will make you successful at celebrating Cyber Monday with significant savings. A caveat is not to shop during work and make your boss mad by wasting work time and resources to browse iPads. Even such items of design perfection can wait for your secure internet connection at home. A happy boss means a steady paycheck to fund those online bargains for many Thanksgivings to come. Or at least until Amazon Prime Day.

Happy Cyber Monday shopping!

Benefits Of RFP Automation For Collaboration

Benefits Of RFP Automation For Collaboration

It takes a cursory glance at the news cycle to confirm that we are living in unprecedented times. The digital age has flourished with advancements in technology shaped by the power of human imagination and ingenuity. As the world distanced from the bustle of society, homes and businesses were irrevocably changed. The business sector had long flirted with the work from home solution. Now, as it became imperative for safety, it became clear that emerging technology could enhance collaboration and business intelligence.

How RFP Automation Improves Collaboration And Results

  1. Improve the organization of team- An RFP is a complex and detailed document that takes an organization 40 hours of manual labor to complete. RFP automation software can significantly cut this time by creating a well-organized workflow. For most processes, there are multiple people working on a single response. Each contributor has a specific place and timing in the workflow. When an RFP is managed by an automated software, it creates assigned roles and colors for multiple reviewers which saves time and errors.
  2. Better communication between the team- A response to an RFP is a team effort. When communication between the team is consistent and easy, the flow creates better results. Inefficient communication or a breakdown in communication can waste time, resources and jeopardize the success of the project. RFP automation software simplifies communication on a section level or project level of the RFP. Team members can leave comments, compare different versions of documents, and customize project requirements based on role. An increased efficiency in the individual role contributes to greater efficiency as a team as the software makes proposal management easy. 
  3. Make content easy to manage- While every RFP is unique, often businesses recycle proposals to re-bid RFPs. The process of RFP content management can be complex especially when spread between different silos of organizations for editing and review. Key features of RFP automation software such as a well-reviewed and organization library helps streamline knowledge across all team members into an online platform. Libraries, dictionaries, acronym tables are vital elements of a centralized and structured document system that gives organizations a competitive edge in winning business.
  4. More streamlined organization workflow- Traditionally, when businesses manage the process of RFP response, it is an elaborate production of voluminous email chains, Excel spreadsheets and macros, and competing versions of documents. The status quo is archaic compared to the innovations of technology. With RFP automation software, collaboration is no longer stacks of emails, but a streamlined document that has dynamic tasks and assigned roles.

Simplifying RFP Automation 

In a world, where collaboration is a competitive necessity, RFP automation software is a paradigm shift for the labor intensive, document heavy proposal management industry. The benefits are numerous and evident in the results of a well-organized workflow. From assigned team roles to better communication and analysis of a document, RFP automation simplifies and improves the process.

The world has been changed and businesses must change with it. A remote work environment demands better collaboration and workflow. A document that is well managed by a team using RFP automation software is a document that saves time for a business.

Plain Language In The Time of COVID-19

Plain Language In The Time of COVID-19

There are few moments in history that stop the world.

The global spread of COVID-19 in 2020 was one of those moments. Society, businesses, and individuals pivoted amidst waves of panic and unrest to find a new normal. What does the new normal look like? How long does it linger? Will society ever return to the status quo? These are questions that businesses had to address internally and externally as operations shifted to remote conditions.

Businesses Respond To COVID-19

There was a constant that remained in the face of chaos, the importance of clear communication. Across the world, every business from small business to enterprise level had to issue a response to COVID-19. Whether a press release or a company policy, the businesses needed to relate a message to the consumer of safety and continuity in unprecedented conditions.

The power of plain language in such communications was evident. For example, New York governor Andrew Cuomo was praised by the press for his action-oriented message to the constituents. He used short sentences that contained one thought per sentences. He was concise in his delivery of a grim reality.

 He used plain language.

Plain Language Effective In Time of Crisis 

Plain language has become instrumental in communication. In fact, in 2010 President Obama signed the Plain Language Act into law requiring a standard of communication for government agencies. The premise behind standardizing communication is the accessibility and clear message of plain language. Short sentences that contain one thought. An 8th grade readability that reduces barriers to understanding. The average American reads at an 8th grade level. A fact that is vital to consider when communicating messages with instructions for safety or to an audience that is multitasking during a crisis.

Power Of Plain Language 

Plain language uses active voice instead of passive. Sentences that use active voice are clear in who is taking the action. The shift may be subtle however in a time of crisis there is no room for ambiguity. “You must use hand sanitizer after every meal” is more commanding than “Hand sanitizer must be used after every meal”.     

The choice of words is important for plain language. Messaging that is most effective uses everyday language. During crisis, the goal is to simplify and unify language. For example, COVID- 19 has been referred to in different ways in the press: “COVID”, “coronavirus”, “corona”, “SARS-CoV-2”. Such inconsistency confuses the reader and reduces the emphasis behind the message.

While plain language is the standard for clear communication, there is more to messaging than sentence structure, voice, and syntax. A message, especially in a time of crisis carries an emotional component to the audience. Given the impact and severity of COVID-19, businesses are learning the nuance of emotional crisis messaging. For every business that delivers a cut and dry press release, there is a business that innovates by including notes of empathy in the message.

Emotional Crisis Messaging 

Empathy is showing the humanity behind the communications and it works beautifully with plain language to soothe the reader. Even Governor Cuomo is his grim address of certainty to New York had a tone of conviction and leadership that comforted the distressed state with a gentle hand.

Plain language in times of crisis gives the reader trust and clarity in response to uncertainty. In a historical moment for the world, that’s a lot to give. 

Does Your Business Need RFP Automation

Does Your Business Need RFP Automation

The concept of automation is attractive to businesses on many levels. It is ubiquitous, a technology exists for almost every work task imaginable. Nevertheless, with so many automation options available, it is up to each business to discern the value and need for such technology. As the technology on the horizon becomes more innovative and intuitive, the decision to automate must be weighed against the benefit of human touch as it is reflected in the bottom line.

From the proposal managers to capture managers to project managers, there are specific roles within the business sector that would significantly benefit from the automation of the RFP process. The applications of RFP automation software extend beyond the government contracting industry to other verticals such as healthcare, legal and automotive. Some functionalities of the software can even be used to analyze and process unstructured data, an unchartered frontier in business and marketing intelligence that is gaining traction and sophistication.

How To Save Time On RFP Process 

In the realm of RFP responses, the average team has 7.3 contributors with 1 RFP/month that has a 40% repetition rate of questions. That is a picture of incredible redundancy and detail vulnerable to human error and boredom. The solution? RFP automation which delivers a draft with a few clicks in a few minutes instead of a lot emails stretched over hours. The RFP process becomes more efficient with features like smart libraries that organize content and make it searchable. A document comparison feature that compares versions of a document in minutes. Automation is effective for collaboration as it assigns roles and color teams for each contributor. It clearly marks from section to project level the responsibility of a contributor. This feature improves communication and workflow for a more streamlined process for winning business or handling large documents.

How Your Business Can Scale RFP Process 

The organization of workflow enables the business to scale the RFP process. Does your business submit less than 10 RFPs a year? If so, the automation process could significantly impact your business development. It is a matter of efficiency. The more structured your process is the faster is your response time to opportunities. The fact that one contributor can easily edit a centralized response to an RFP is shifting the industry. There are no more working weekends, isolated team members or weaving together fragments of responses from emails. The competitive advantage for automation is that the business gets to keep responses on brand with a few clicks and hunt for new business.

RFP Automation Software

For a business, the adoption of new technology is a solution to the problem posed by human error and inconsistency. RFP automation software is revolutionizing an industry known for highly regulated and structured RFPs that consume days and weeks of operational resources. The features and benefits of the tool are specifically designed to make version control, collaboration, and content management easier on the user. A centralized version of a document can be edited with a few clicks and win more business.

A caveat remains for the adopter when is the right time and place for automation to replace the human touch in business. The prediction? That tasks like writing and competitor comparison will still require the intricacy of human touch. As for the rest of the process, it is made better and faster with automation technology.

Hope and Gratitude in Time of Thanksgiving from Scion Analytics

Hope and Gratitude in Time of Thanksgiving from Scion Analytics

Thanksgiving is a holiday inspired by one of the most potent emotions – gratitude. To be present in all things and thankful for all things is an iridescent gift bestowed by life, a fragile wonder woven with complexity and contrast.

Gratitude In 2020

2020 has been a year that amplified the need for gratitude in our lives and hearts. An unprecedented time in history that halted the world with fear for safety and exposed the vulnerability of collective humanity. When the history books reflect on 2020, the historians will surely write about the darkness and the losses, the rhythm of existence interrupted.

In the face of a grim present, we unite and overcome with hope, service, and compassion. We look to a better tomorrow with our families, friends, and communities healed by hope stronger than fear.

Thanksgiving At Scion Analytics 

At Scion Analytics, as we gather around the Thanksgiving table with our families to pause and express gratitude. An appreciation for the holiday feast abundant with turkey and the fixings. A reflection on the hard work during the year that gave us meaning and helped people with better solutions. A comfort in the knowledge that joy is hidden within the present moment.

We carry with us a deep feeling of gratitude expressed individually and felt collectively.   

Scion Analytics Team Reflections

From the executive team, Jim Eddy, Chief Executive Officer said: “I am thankful that God is in control”. Tom Lipscomb, Executive VP mentioned: “I am thankful for the opportunity to turn ideas into reality. Danny Murawinski, Chief Marketing Officer expressed: “I am thankful for my beautiful wife. My wife has always supported me throughout my journey. From my snowboarding career, to my entrepreneurial endeavors, to growing a family, my wife has been there for me. We have two amazing boys, one 2.5 and the other just 2 months old, along with a 4-year-old German shepherd and a bearded dragon. My wife has believed in me even when I did not, all while raising our family full time. I would not be the man I am today without her. My gratitude towards her only grows as we continue our journey through life.”

From the marketing department, Fiona May, Director of Marketing shared: “This year has certainly been one for the books, and as we celebrate the holidays, the one word that resonates with me is simply GRATITUDE … gratitude for life and the things we often take for granted. I am grateful for life and the possibility of my next breath – a possibility that a lot of people lost this year; I am grateful for my family, they are the of source of my passion and an unwavering pillar of support; I am grateful for my faith that has kept me grounded during these uncertain times; and lastly I am grateful for the opportunity with Scion Analytics to make a meaningful impact on the world.”  The Solutions Director, Len Terranova, continued: “I am thankful for my friends and family and that we are all doing well in our work and personal lives.” A sentiment from Marina Roukalova, Content Creator: “I am deeply thankful for the ability to professionally excel in my creative talents which may give a spark of hope and aesthetic refuge to my family, friends and readers”. Social media manager, Kristy Martinez shares: ” I think this holiday is unique because it remained modest, less consumerized and provides the perfect opportunity to thank and cherish the people around us. First of al, I’m thankful for my amazing family. I have a wonderful husband who I’ve been married to for 4 years. We have one son. My family is a great group of people. They are supportive and thoughtful. If I need anything, I know I can count on them. Secondly, I am grateful to Scion Analytics for giving me such a great opportunity to unmask my talents and have such an open creative flow. This company has already shown me what they are capable of as well as the immense potential for growth, such a great hardworking group of people. Lastly, I am reminded everyday how grateful I am to be healthy. The same goes to the healthy of my family, I couldn’t be more grateful that they are healthy and doing well”.

Alexandra Haynes, Software Tester, concluded: “2020 has been anything but normal yet what I am most thankful for this year is friendships. So, this is a toast to all the friends out there. Y’all are the real MVPs!”

Happy Thanksgiving 

From the Scion Analytics team to you and your family, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! May you have abundance in your life marked with effusive joy and beautiful moments. Time continues even after it stands still, may you fill the days to come with gratitude on every occasion.

Employee Spotlight: Jim Eddy

Employee Spotlight: Jim Eddy

Leadership is about vision and responsibility. A skilled leader is one who exemplifies conviction not only when times are favorable but more so when times are challenging. As Chief Executive Officer of Scion Analytics, Jim Eddy is a leader with unlikely beginnings. His story is one of dedication to the work, the organization, and the people.

Unlikely Beginnings for Career in Tech

Jim’s early beginnings lacked the traditional family structure to set him up for success. After a challenging start, Jim was faced with few options after high school. As a teenager, Jim walked into a bank in Ft. Myers with the intention of getting a job. The bank had a need for someone to operate the computer room and took a chance on hiring a young man.

Jim was hired to work in the check processing center where the manager pointed him to a stack of large computer books on the shelf. Jim took to the books and a crash course in self education launched a 40-year career in tech.

At 18, Jim became a software developer for Equifax. By the time he was 25, Jim was an architect for Verizon. After Verizon, Jim operated an award-winning software development training company largely serving the department of defense. After the sale, Jim worked with investor groups on growing technical properties and reaching successful Exits. These included stints with T-Mobile, Citi, and Fidelity.

Tenure Of Leadership Excellence 

Prior to Scion Analytics, Jim spent 7 years as the CIO of PAR, a leading publisher of psychological assessment products for mental health, school, hospital, and private practice settings. During his tenure, the company launched an online testing platform to expand digital business to 20,000 organizations around the world.

At Scion Analytics, Jim brings a leadership philosophy shaped by decades of hard work, innovation, and a desire to help others. As a highly determined person, Jim personifies grace under pressure when it comes to the challenges of growing a dynamic company. His steadfast demeanor is calming to employees.

He is a leader that puts people first. In 1996, he was working in his first management position in the R&D division in Tampa for Electronic Payment Services (EPS).  In his role, Jim returned the favor he was given when he was a teenager by hiring a man with a young family looking for a career change in tech. Now that man is a software architect with a leading company in the Tampa area.

CEO Of Scion Analytics 

Jim knows the value of hard work. His most hard-won project was to help execute a consolidation at Citi into one subsidiary in Tampa. The leadership wanted the consolidation deemed a high-risk operation to be finished in 2 years. Jim and his team completed the consolidation including an annual close in 9 months. During that period, Jim hired 150 highly skilled technology professionals. His best recruiter was Len Terranova, the current Solutions Director of Scion Analytics.

As Scion Analytics looks to the future, Jim is confident that the company will flourish beyond the competition with faster response time and better availability. The company is demonstrating use-cases in other verticals beyond government contracting to demonstrate the value of unstructured content.

Vision,Grit, and Drive To Shape The Future 

While Jim has goals for long-term operations of Scion Analytics, at the core remains his dedication to helping people grow their careers. Under Jim’s leadership, a mix of grit, drive and vision, Scion Analytics is poised to navigate the endless sea of unstructured content for any business.

 As the holiday spirit of gratitude fills the air, Jim reflects on a life guided and success granted by his abiding Christian faith.

QC Readability: The Content that Connects

QC Readability: The Content that Connects

Since he was young, the proposal manager liked to read books. His budding imagination was developed by Hemingway, Faulkner and even Melville. He reminisced to the summer nights in high school, he read “Old Man and the Sea”. Hemingway was a master of the strong word. Short choppy sentences like a signature “Hemingway chop”. Action oriented language. Words made simple by one the great authors in history. His favorite passage still embedded in his mind, “You did not kill the fish only to keep alive and to sell for food he thought. You killed him for pride and because you are a fisherman”.

It spoke of the wildness of the open sea. It was as endless as unstructured data of a cellphone carrier. The subtle nobility inherent to the fisherman. The pride of the game, the cycle of predator and prey. It was simple and sophisticated in both construct and language. From a technical standpoint, Hemingway was easy to read. Evocative prose written at an 8th grade reading level almost like plain language.

The proposal manager put down his book. Lately, everything he read was about business development and proposal management. He rarely picked up a fiction book for pleasure. The proposal management thought that leisure is a playground for children and a privilege for adults.

The Power Of QC Readability 

In a dream, he discovered the Professional Document Analyzer as the answer to the complexity of proposal management. He loved to explore the QC Readability feature as an English major that never recovered from the power of the written word.

The proposal manager could create a proposal that is easy to read and checks all the right boxes with the QC Readability Analysis. Unapproved or unacceptable content was a thing of the past like supermarket novellas.

Forecast For Future Of Content 

The forecast for the future of content, especially in proposals, was 100% accuracy and standardization.

He could even customize his own dictionary to identify what needs attention in the document.  The PDA was as granular as analyzing the content to assign a ranking to each segment and paragraph of the draft proposal.

It seemed like a nod to the Hemingway prose made an appearance in the QC Readability Analysis, it can identify complex content. The content can be safe from such grammatic infractions such as long sentences, the use of passive voice and adverbs. It was refreshing.

Readability In Action 

The proposal manager took an RFP from the city that bid for construction of a new stadium. A voluminous construction of pages fanned out on his desk like a deck of playing cards. A manual response to a document of this caliber and sophistication meant hours, days and weeks of his eyes squinting and missing dinner at home. Winning the stadium business would mean a promotion. The capture manager has began making the rounds with city officials on the firm’s behalf.

The PDA would make things right. His proposal did not have to suffer the same fate as the works of amateur authors battling the publishing world. In the world of proposal management, a proposal that was well written and easy to read is well ahead of the competition to win the bid.

PDA To RFP: Meeting The Request For Proposal

PDA To RFP: Meeting The Request For Proposal

The proposal manager looked around the cocktail hour at the country club. There was the usual mix of older gentlemen particular to their scotch and younger wives in elaborate dresses. The parade of dresses turned in front of his eye like a sartorial kaleidoscope. Blue, green, red, and black fabric and patterns swirling around the room punctured by sets of diamonds in good taste.

The well-dressed crowd of the country club was great for networking. Just the other day he played a round of golf with a minor city politician. The thought of working with the city was exciting for the proposal manager. After all, after acquiring a seat license for the Professional Document Analyzer. It was akin to tapping into the “best kept secret in business development”. His boss took him to lunch to discuss new business opportunities for the upcoming year.

Meet the Capture Manager 

He mentioned a potential addition to the business development team of a capture manager. A few familiar names floated around the table. There was the guy in the Northeast that came highly recommended. Suddenly, the proposal manager was captivated by the thought of fall in the Northeast. The seductive dance of fall leaves against the blistering sky. The clouds parting to let the last rays of sunshine fall in a dull shine, begging to be noticed as fall turned to winter. The proposal manager had to go talk to the capture manager about the PDA. The compliance matrix alone was worth a meeting.

The capture manager was tall and sociable. He was as engaging as he was strategic in the relationships he formed. He knew the language of the business development world and used it to his advantage. He was as hungry for new business as the proposal manager was for a better pWin rate. The proposal manager knew the PDA would change the capture manager’s world.

Compliance Matrix Demo 

The laptop gleamed in the light of the restaurant. Flat surfaces polished to precision, the inanimate comes to life as the screen flashed to reveal the UI of the PDA. The proposal manager clicked “Start” and exhaled to find a menu of dynamic tasks populating the screen.

He chose the compliance matrix for his demo to the capture manager. The proposal management world was black and white, good, and bad, comply or die. The secret to staying compliant does not have to be painful.

The proposal manager was haunted by visions of the RFP as it was deconstructed to death in the shredder. The capture manager did not have to suffer the same PTSD. He went on to explain the compliance matrix. It identified all the requirements and ensured that the requirements are addressed in the proposal. A cross-reference compliance matrix was another option that included win themes, list values, and storyboard/content plans. Both matrixes were modeled using an Excel Shipley Associates template which reassured the proposal manager of the quality of the product.  

It’s A Win/Win 

The proposal manager had a glass of wine as he watched the capture manager’s face light up. This was a win/win. A path, a strategy, a way to step out of the dichotomy of black and white, comply or die into the light. The days of being depressed over losing business were coming to an end. Compliance is complicated, winning business with the PDA is easy.

Acroseeker: PDA Acronym Finder

Acroseeker: PDA Acronym Finder

The proposal manager liked pulling up to the country club after work. The winding road to the outskirts of the suburb clear after rush hour. The long stretches of grey pavement punctuated by the greenery of the hills. Fall was an arresting season for the drive, the trees some bare, others in a delicate dance with foliage colors of yellow, orange and gold. This was an idyllic time for a proposal manager liberated from redundancy and fear of noncompliance in his pursuit of new government business.

Best Kept Secret in Business Development 

His pWin had improved as much as his golf game at the club. His friends on the course surely noticed. Even his friend, president of a local law firm inquired about the proposal manager’s secret. In a conversation on the green, the lawyer joked that the proposal manager had “the best kept secret in business development” on his desk. The proposal manager smirked. Whispers of compliance nightmares and deconstructed RFPs swirled in his head. The drudgery and tediousness of writing proposals prior to automation was still a reality of many proposal managers. He needed to help these managers see the almost revolutionary power of the PDA.

The golf game was unfolding at a nice pace. He was on his second vodka martini with a pleasant impression of the course pulsing through his peripheral vision. He thought back to the day at the office. Another win for the PDA as he discovered the AcroSeeker feature. One of the dynamic tasks, the AcroSeeker was a unique way to identify and validate acronyms that were prevalent in government procurement documents. To his amazement, an Acronym Analysis Report can be generated in Microsoft Word table document in 2 clicks to ensure consistency of acronym use in the proposal.

The Power Of Acroseeker 

2 clicks! The relationship between the RFP and PDA kept getting better. At his fingertips with the PDA were the dynamic tasks unique to the industry and tailored to his needs. Also, the Common Concepts and Document Differences which analyzed the nuances between two documents at his command. And then, it is like the PDA intuited what the RFP needed after a few words, a shorthand, an acronym seeker.

The Power Of Acronyms 

It could even identify undefined acronyms, so he did not miss a thing when compiling a proposal. This was tremendously helpful in the workflow of executing a proposal. The government used acronyms in voluminous procurement documents with vigor and precision. Three- or four-letter combinations were simple enough to spot, but if interpreted in the wrong or inconsistent way in the document, it’s guaranteed a swift end in noncompliance.

He looked at the freshly minted Acronym Analysis report on his desk. He had a guideline for navigating his proposal that was error proof. The level of efficiency afforded by automation was fantastic. He started thinking about his job differently. Not like a series of grey days with an endless sea of documents swimming on his desk demanding of his time and energy. But like a great game of golf, refreshing and exciting like seeing the outline of the forest sharpening amidst the trees. He took a swift swing of a golf club and smiled.

PDA Opens RFP: Document Differences

PDA Opens RFP: Document Differences

The proposal manager watched the wind kick up a scattering of golden leaves outside the country club. It was almost Thanksgiving. The club manager would announce the menu for the holiday dinner. He wondered whether his wife would finish shopping for the cruise by then. Winter in Mexico sounded like the back of a pretty postcard he saw at the gas station.

The proposal manager wistfully looked at his watch. It was gold and elaborate, an anniversary present from his wife. He looked differently at the watch now. Free time at his disposal accrued when minutes turned into hours collected into days thanks to the RFP automation software. The meditation on time, perpetual and elusive ticking away while good Americans worked in cubicles and pushed papers into the document abyss.

 He was free from all that.

The Dream of The PDA 

The dream of the Professional Document Analyzer (PDA) became a promise. A promise of automated precision obsessed with finding patterns in text and eliminating redundancy. For some funny reason, he recalled the tune from the song, “Video Killed the Radio Star”. Popular on the radio, the lines drew a parallel: “They took the credit for your second symphony/Rewritten by machine on new technology/And now I understand the problems you can see”. Maybe the kids were right to be obsessed with all those videos on MTV.

He liked the certainty of the platform. It was the only platform in the industry that had the dynamic tasks for his preferences. When his boss wanted specific things, he was able to deliver them and fast. He could tell his boss was impressed by his newfound efficiency.

Document Differences Capability 

The proposal manager was tasked with comparing the differences between a proposal written last year for an RFP that was up for rebid. It was a project that required a good deal of concentration. Albeit he knew the PDA could compare documents with an interactive review side-by-side. Features like color highlighted differences and detail modifications could even annotate changes per line and generate a report.

It seemed like the PDA knew some things about content intimately. It dissected the complexity of government contracting with sophisticated content analysis such as common concepts using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Identifying common concepts or themes in a document could help the proposal manager increase his pWin rate by facilitating more equivalent language in proposals. He could even use the feature to identify Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) which would certainly lead to better compliance.

Customizable Weighted Dictionaries 

When it came to dictionary term analysis, the PDA could quantify the value of content by assigning it weighed values. The days of guessing and marking up page after page only to be defeated with an email forgotten in an endless chain were over. He shuddered to think how many of his hours were trapped in the maze of Excel. The lost art of copy and pasting.

The proposal manager smiled on the way out of the office. As the story before Thanksgiving goes, when the RFP met the PDA, it was the beginning of a great relationship. They had so much in common. To compare two documents side by side in an instant was revolutionary in the level of content analysis and nuance automated by a software to such great results. He had a lot to be grateful for with the coming holiday.