Transform Word To Excel: Powerful Capabilities Of The PDA

Transform Word To Excel: Powerful Capabilities Of The PDA

In the tech landscape, few solutions or capabilities revolutionize business operations. Perhaps, it is a once or twice in a generation paradigm shift for businesses when it comes to improving processes and systems with tech. As the Professional Document Analyzer is integrated as a solution across verticals, new applications for capabilities are discovered. Such a discovery has the power to change the automation and scaling of businesses in a big way.

Parsing A Word Document

Working with a client, the Scion Analytics team discovered how the capability to convert Word documents into Excel can transform the way IT requirements are handled for an enterprise-level business. In fact, there are no current tech solutions that can parse a Word document and PDF and break it down by sentence, paragraph, and section, and put it in an Excel format.

What makes this capability revolutionary is the impact of making unstructured content more structured and thereby more usable to businesses. For example, creating a Requirements Traceability Document or a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is intended to give a project plan more structure and assign people tasks for durations. The more structure a project plan has, the more successful it is bound to be in the implementation in the workflow.

What Sets Scion Analytics Apart

Before the PDA introduced converting Word Documents to Excel, optical character recognition (OCR) could use a picture of a text and put it through a scanner to render an Excel spreadsheet. OCR as a capability was not perfect; it depended on the quality of the scan where characters may be blurred or misinterpreted.

Therefore, the PDA having this powerful capability that works with real PDF format or Word documents is a gamechanger when it comes to real-world use cases. For example, developers or testers that rely on Microsoft Project cannot upload a Word Document into that program. When every other program on the market requires the user to put commas to limit the quantity of text being converted. The PDA has no such restrictions and is the only solution that facilitates the import of Excel Documents to Microsoft Project.

The PDA creates efficiency and automation in the workflow as it removes that extra step for users importing content into Microsoft Project. The removal of the extra step could translate into thousands and thousands of dollars of savings in labor costs and project timelines for a business.

The capabilities of the PDA remain to be fully explored by the marketplace and user base. Originally a tech solution for the federal government contracting space, the PDA has matured into a powerhouse tech solution for medium to enterprise-level businesses. The ability of the PDA to instantly parse a document and convert it into an Excel format has limitless implications for the future. The fact that the PDA is flexible and customizable for a specific industry is further proof that the platform must still mature into its full power. It is up to the business to discover the implementation and best practices for the unstructured content that is made structured in the hands of the PDA.