The Proposal Manager Discovers How To Convert Text to Excel

The Proposal Manager Discovers How To Convert Text to Excel

The fresh mint feel of January hung in the air around the city center. The New Year brought new beginnings complete with brilliant rays of winter sunshine that were not shy of the clouds. The asphalt grey of the street glistened from the reflection of snow; tiny particles of snowflakes stuck to the unsuspecting shoe soles of strangers walking the street.

The Pursuit Of Paperwork 

It was almost like a symphony, a sea of grey coats, grey shoes, and grey trousers moving in a synchronized manner on the sidewalk, filing neatly into urban offices. The long line of men appearing faceless in the distance with the precision of drones that operated around lunch hour and paperwork. If some men gave their lives to the country, these men gave their lives to the pursuit of paperwork.

The proposal manager was free from all that. A figure with a face, a handsome face that even showed promise when introduced to automation for paperwork. The proposal manager clicked around the Professional Document Analyzer. He acknowledged to himself the success the tech solution had with the capture manager, business development manager, and his boss.

A curious thing has happened with another company that used the PDA. They called the proposal manager about an untapped capability that converts Word documents to Excel discovered while configuring IT requirements. In the construction business, this was a big deal. Word documents were incompatible with Microsoft Project therefore the saving of the extra step meant a boost in productivity and efficiency.

Transform Text To Excel To Transform Business Capabilities

The proposal manager knew that this was going to change everything. The ability to take unstructured content and make it structured allowed his team to make content more usable. There was a difference between data that sat neatly organized in repositories and unstructured data left on the page in plain sight waiting to be conquered.

The proposal manager felt empowered by this discovery. It only grew his confidence in the power of the platform. Until recently, OCR was used to convert PDFs to Excel, a somewhat unreliable process depending on the quality of the scan. To his knowledge, the proposal manager was highly sensitive to the tech automation landscape in the country, nothing of this magnitude has come to market.

Powerful Beyond Words 

The PDA was powerful beyond words. For Word to Excel conversion to be successful, there was no need for organizing and separating content with commas. In a few seconds, the PDA converted sentences, paragraphs, and sections of a document into an Excel spreadsheet. Really, this was the most marvelous news to start the new year.

The grey sea of coats thickened as umbrellas punctuated the sidewalk. It was raining, snowing and the sun was still shining through the winter haze. In some ways, the proposal manager was living in the future with automation. A visionary of his time that came back to the basics to recharge. Something fundamental and right that he liked about the simple things of life. The elegance of the snow falling, the curious nature of clouds, and the way that time stopped when such moments were discovered.