The Benefits of AI In Content Marketing

The Benefits of AI In Content Marketing

How AI Has Impacted Marketing

AI technology has been adopted by a diverse array of industries. From financial services to healthcare, service delivery and the customer experience are being redefined by automation. One industry that has seen a radical change in practices due to AI has been marketing. Marketing is highly sensitive to the customer experience and the customer journey. It makes sense that the introduction of AI would change traditional ways of doing marketing. Some of the most significant benefits have been seen in content marketing. What kind of content customers consume and how it is being delivered is in a state of transition. Due to automation, content has become more intimate with a hyper-personalization that has been taken out of the context of 1:1 communication onto the internet.

Benefits of AI In Content Marketing

1. Hyper-Personalization Of The Customer Message

Generic marketing campaigns and mass messaging are history. With so much noise on the internet, marketers have recognized that a generic message blasted out to thousands of people is ineffective at best and at worst intrusive. These days customers expect hyper-personalized content that is curated based on their interests, behavior, and content consumption. Here are some statistics that support this trend.

– 52% of consumers would switch to another company if they were not getting personalized communication

– 80% of marketers believe personalized messages are more effective than generic

– 72% of businesses prioritize making the customer experience better as one of their top objectives

2. Better Marketing Campaigns

 The effectiveness of a marketing campaign is based on engagement and conversions. AI can make those objectives more effortless for marketing. Rather than tailoring thousands of messages manually, AI can automate the process of personalization. In marketing, AI is iterative, with each marketing campaign it figures out what works and what does not. Just like

humans learn with experience, AI systems learn overtime to deliver a more effective marketing message.

3. Tailored Content Strategy

 AI-powered marketing helps businesses to provide the right content to the right audience at the right time. AI uncovers data-driven insights that lead to new opportunities in marketing. Now, marketers can analyze a limitless amount of data on different customer segments such as income levels, personal interest, social media platforms, etc. By slicing and dicing data, marketers can uncover new opportunities and angles to make messages stickier and more personalized. Other technology tools such as text mining can do sentiment analysis on social media to uncover customer behavior trends and moods underlying social media communication. This enables marketers to be more responsive to audiences and anticipate their needs.

The Future of AI In Marketing

In the future, AI-powered marketing will eliminate the need for manual processes in marketing. Such tasks as doing keyword research and organizing a content calendar, creating email marketing, and lead generation will no longer require a human touch.

The efficiency and productivity of AI will transform marketing practices. Also, using AI to uncover data-driven insights will lead to new opportunities. Marketers will be able to automate redundant and mundane activities and focus on higher value-added activities that will encourage innovation