Proposal Management Process

Proposal Management Process

A Proposal management process is the overseeing and assisting the completion of a business proposal. The right proposal management process is essential to any successful writing effort. Yet, people often struggle to set up a system that works for them and they end up becoming frustrated with their own efforts in this area.

What Is The Proposal Process?

In the proposal process, there are three key elements:

· There is in any project the pre-proposal, or pre-Request For Proposal (RFP), work to be done

· Then various stages of review including planning and managing of the proposal development

· Then the writing of the proposal

Proposal Management Process Importance

In today’s competitive business environment, it is more important than ever to have an audit-ready process that spans all departments. It needs to get the team working efficiently from start to finish.

The proposal process is essential to the success of any project. Without it, you can expect embarrassing mistakes and wasted time as well lost contracts, which will result in frustrated employees or clients. Be sure to set up and follow a written process to ensure this success.

Proposal Management Process Steps

Successful proposals require careful planning and execution. Here are the steps you can take to ensure your plan goes smoothly:

Step One: Go/No Go Decision

Before writing the proposal, you need to determine whether the opportunity is a good fit and can be competitively met. You need to find out what game is being played. The key to determining whether your firm has a reasonable shot at winning is being able to identify which criteria needs to be met. Determine the criteria that needs to be considered for the decision. Identify who makes the decision and how soon it needs to be determined.

Step Two: Proposal Planning

Start planning the proposal development. This includes identifying both tasks and individual responsibilities, developing a strategy, a proposal outline, a schedule, and contractor/subcontractor coordination.

Step Three: Kick-Off Meeting

A kick-off meeting is a great way to gather all the people who will be involved in your project and make sure that everyone knows what needs to be done. It also helps if they are on board from day one. Discuss who will write what sections, the deadlines for them, which team members will be suggested, as well as a strategy for winning the bid.

Step Four: Proposal Development

Proposal development is about taking your outline and turning it into a sell. You have got the plan figured out, now you need to execute on all fronts: writing up what needs to be written by when and providing graphics or images for any pictures needed. It is during this process that the color team review takes place. They will review and edit the proposal itself. This step is crucial. As they say in the proposal business, “this is where the sausage is made.”

Step Five: Send Out

Determine how the proposal will actually be sent out for consideration. Will it be hand delivered? Will it be mailed?

Step Six: Proposal Close Out

Once the proposal is sent out and has reached its destination, you might think you are done. But there is more. Commonly, an electronic or paper copy of the proposal, the RFP, and any addenda is filed in the proper location.