RFx Tools

RFx Tools

A business proposal is a formal response (or pitch) you give to an organization when they request a solution to a problem. In the proposal industry, this answer is called a Request For Proposal (RFP) response. The business information request could also be a Request For Information (RFI), or a Request For Quote (RFQ).

The response is your chance to show how well-versed you are about their company. It is your opportunity to tell them about some solutions from your company specifically tailored for them. Proposal software, also known as proposal management software, or Request For Proposal (RFP) response automation, can be used to develop responses, presentations, and proposals.

The RFP shredding process is a necessary evil that many companies go through before submitting an answer. It lets them thoroughly read, understand, and highlight any information in the RFP as well as ask all of those important questions they need to be answered so their response can be perfect.

The best response automation software comes with valuable tools empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These tools can help with quick, diligent, and compliant proposal response tasks.

The Proposal & Contract Suite

The Proposal & Contract Suite is the out-of-the-box solution providing such valuable tools that help you prepare successful business proposals and contracts. It is comprehensive as well as fully customizable.

The many proposal management tasks are listed below:

Tools Of The Proposal & Contract Suite

· Shred Your RFP

· Analyze (shred or parse) your RFPs for terms such as “must,” “shall,” “will,” as well as your custom keywords or phrases. Six file types are supported

· Create a Compliance Matrix with just two clicks in an Excel template or MS Word document

· Analysis Results panel allows you to manipulate your analysis results by splitting, combining, annotating, and filtering

· Share your Compliance Matrix and reports with just two clicks

· Excel Templates

Create your own Excel templates within a few minutes with drop-down selections. No macros are needed. You do not need to have expert Excel knowledge, nor have experience using VBA in Excel.

Templates provide flexibility. They are:

· Easy to use

· Establish consistency and uniformity

· Helps eliminate rework, errors, and the cut-and-paste method

· Shortens proposal development time

· Applies best practices

· Generate A Compliance Matrix

· Use the Shipley Associates’ template or create a cross-reference compliance matrix

· Auto-populate requirement sections such as Section L

· Filter requirements

· Share your matrix with a single click

· Identify and Validate Acronyms

Your documents can be quickly scanned to identify both defined and undefined acronyms, erroneously or inconsistently used acronyms, and repeatedly defined acronyms.

· Compare Documents

· You can identify differences between two similar documents in a side-by-side interactive window

· Provides color-coded displays of modified, inserted, and deleted document elements

· Readability Analysis

Determine the readability ranking of segments or paragraphs according to your business concerns.

· Ensure Compliance

The critical need for full compliance can be ensured.

· Use the cross-reference compliance matrix window, which can identify neglected concerns

· Use the gap analysis report, which can display missing concepts

· Compare Resumes

Compare multiple resumes easily. With the Weighted Analysis/ Resumes Dynamic Application, you can identify what is important for the position you are trying to fill.

· Customization

Each Dynamic Application of the Suite is fully customizable, allowing you to create your own solutions.


What is the best proposal management software? We believe the Proposal & Contract Suite deserves that estimation. What sets Scion Analytics’ proposal management software apart from the competitors? A chief reason is that the Suite is designed to be customizable in nearly every aspect of the platform without writing macros or code.