RFP Response Checklist

RFP Response Checklist

The importance of proposals that answer Requests for Proposals (RFPs) cannot be understated. They are a major step in the sale process. The flipside here is that mistakes in the response could undercut months’ worth of great sales efforts.

A good, careful checklist is necessary to ensure a well-prepared RFP response. Some RFP response mistakes are listed below:

· Failure To Focus on the Customer’s Priorities

The RFP response should focus on the customer and how they will be benefited from your help. It should not focus on your desire to have this opportunity.

· The Proposal is Informative But Not Persuasive

The customer does not just want information. They are looking for compelling reasons why this company should hire them or spend money on their product instead of someone else’s.

· Failure To Differentiate Your Offer

To stand out from the competition, you need to offer something that will set your proposal apart. State what you offer is both different and adds value to the customer’s business needs.

· Distractions Will Kill Your Credibility

Beware of careless mistakes. One little error such as a typo or poor punctuation can kill all credibility in an instant. A great practice is to use proposal automation software.

· Any Shortcoming

Be sure to meet deadlines, provide full responses, and follow all instructions stated in the RFP.

Now we will look at tips for a good checklist for ensuring a good quality RFx response.

Tasks And Timings

You will need to assemble a team for this project. If you are working alone, it should be easy enough because all the pieces are already in place:

· Assign tasks and establish deadlines according to how much time each task takes

· Make sure no one gets left behind with their work undone when deadline day arrives

Responses And Reviews

When reviewing a document for accuracy, it is important to make sure every response answers the question. Additionally, each answer should be reviewed by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) so as not to miss anything that requires expertise and accuracy:

· Make sure your assignments are well-organized and error-free with an editor or two playing an important role in making it happen

· Make certain that all statistics, cross-references, etc., have been verified before submitting them for review

Build And Deliver

This is the final stage of a project. It includes:

· Checking that all responses and attachments have been assembled correctly

· Everyone has a copy of the final version

· Following any instructions given in regard to submission layout

· How they are to be delivered for the RFP delivery deadline


Successful bidding in response to RPFs requires such diligent care that avoids misspellings, bad grammar, poor formatting, and a failure to address all the concerns of the customer. It also demands presenting your company’s capabilities that will add value more than the competitors. And if you are

using a template response, do not forget to change the name of the customer.

RFP response checklists and contractual compliance can be helped and ensured using software technology enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural language Processing (NLP). We recommend the Proposal & Contract Suite, the out-of-the-box solution developed by Scion Analytics.