Statement Of Work (SOW) Government Contracts

Statement Of Work (SOW) Government Contracts

What Is A Statement Of Work?

In Government solicitations for agency needs to be met, the Statement of Work (SOW) is also included. This portion of the contract mentions all non-specification requirements for the contractor’s efforts. This may be described either directly or with the use of specifically cited documents. It is an important accompanying document in a federal government Request For Proposals (RFP).

Performance-based statements of work can be used to ensure that the results promised by an acquisition candidate align with what the Government needs. They are also helpful for making sure everyone is on board and understands why these requirements must apply. This means the Government will know how best to approach potential hires to get everything done.

A project’s Statement Of Work (SOW) is a contract with all the information you need to know about it. It defines what needs to be done, when they should be completed by, and who will do them for how much money. The SOW provides clarity on pricing so that there are not any surprises later on.

The SOW typically addresses several key concerns:

· The purpose statement answers why the project is needed

· The scope statement defines what work will be done and what will be needed

· The location of the project is stated

· The length of the time frame and the number of billable hours are stated, and the necessary scheduling

· The deliverables list

· The list of applicable industry requirements

· Criteria for project acceptableness

· Any special requirements

· The schedule for payments/ budget availability

· Miscellaneous items that are important to the project

How Do You Respond To A Statement Of Work?

When the Government statement of work is reviewed, you can then respond to it by responding to individual sections:

· Acknowledge your understanding of the requirements

· Mention how you plan to perform the requirements

· Demonstrate with proofs that this statement of work is either feasible or that you have performed such a project successfully

· Assure the customer of the business wisdom of your approach


Government contracts may refer to the Terms Of Reference (TOR). This differs somewhat from the SOW and is a crucial component in any evaluation. It is essentially the same document to which contractors need to pay attention. This important roadmap for consulting teams or individuals should be thorough, ensure all aspects are covered, and clearly define objectives with scope. This ensures that each person can understand their responsibilities before starting work.


A Statement Of Work (SOW) that is included in a federal government agency’s solicitation is an important statement of the project need. It should not be overlooked. In a vendor’s RFP proposal response, many requirement statements must be adequately addressed to the Government’s satisfaction. A smart way to ensure this is using proposal management automation software.

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