Benefits Of RFP Automation For Collaboration


It takes a cursory glance at the news cycle to confirm that we are living in unprecedented times. The digital age has flourished with advancements in technology shaped by the power of human imagination and ingenuity. As the world distanced from the bustle of society, homes and businesses were irrevocably changed. The business sector had long flirted with the work from home solution. Now, as it became imperative for safety, it became clear that emerging technology could enhance collaboration and business intelligence.

How RFP Automation Improves Collaboration And Results

  1. Improve the organization of team- An RFP is a complex and detailed document that takes an organization 40 hours of manual labor to complete. RFP automation software can significantly cut this time by creating a well-organized workflow. For most processes, there are multiple people working on a single response. Each contributor has a specific place and timing in the workflow. When an RFP is managed by an automated software, it creates assigned roles and colors for multiple reviewers which saves time and errors.
  2. Better communication between the team- A response to an RFP is a team effort. When communication between the team is consistent and easy, the flow creates better results. Inefficient communication or a breakdown in communication can waste time, resources and jeopardize the success of the project. RFP automation software simplifies communication on a section level or project level of the RFP. Team members can leave comments, compare different versions of documents, and customize project requirements based on role. An increased efficiency in the individual role contributes to greater efficiency as a team as the software makes proposal management easy. 
  3. Make content easy to manage- While every RFP is unique, often businesses recycle proposals to re-bid RFPs. The process of RFP content management can be complex especially when spread between different silos of organizations for editing and review. Key features of RFP automation software such as a well-reviewed and organization library helps streamline knowledge across all team members into an online platform. Libraries, dictionaries, acronym tables are vital elements of a centralized and structured document system that gives organizations a competitive edge in winning business.
  4. More streamlined organization workflow- Traditionally, when businesses manage the process of RFP response, it is an elaborate production of voluminous email chains, Excel spreadsheets and macros, and competing versions of documents. The status quo is archaic compared to the innovations of technology. With RFP automation software, collaboration is no longer stacks of emails, but a streamlined document that has dynamic tasks and assigned roles.

Simplifying RFP Automation 

In a world, where collaboration is a competitive necessity, RFP automation software is a paradigm shift for the labor intensive, document heavy proposal management industry. The benefits are numerous and evident in the results of a well-organized workflow. From assigned team roles to better communication and analysis of a document, RFP automation simplifies and improves the process.

The world has been changed and businesses must change with it. A remote work environment demands better collaboration and workflow. A document that is well managed by a team using RFP automation software is a document that saves time for a business.

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