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The proposal manager liked pulling up to the country club after work. The winding road to the outskirts of the suburb clear after rush hour. The long stretches of grey pavement punctuated by the greenery of the hills. Fall was an arresting season for the drive, the trees some bare, others in a delicate dance with foliage colors of yellow, orange and gold. This was an idyllic time for a proposal manager liberated from redundancy and fear of noncompliance in his pursuit of new government business.

Best Kept Secret in Business Development 

His pWin had improved as much as his golf game at the club. His friends on the course surely noticed. Even his friend, president of a local law firm inquired about the proposal manager’s secret. In a conversation on the green, the lawyer joked that the proposal manager had “the best kept secret in business development” on his desk. The proposal manager smirked. Whispers of compliance nightmares and deconstructed RFPs swirled in his head. The drudgery and tediousness of writing proposals prior to automation was still a reality of many proposal managers. He needed to help these managers see the almost revolutionary power of the PDA.

The golf game was unfolding at a nice pace. He was on his second vodka martini with a pleasant impression of the course pulsing through his peripheral vision. He thought back to the day at the office. Another win for the PDA as he discovered the AcroSeeker feature. One of the dynamic tasks, the AcroSeeker was a unique way to identify and validate acronyms that were prevalent in government procurement documents. To his amazement, an Acronym Analysis Report can be generated in Microsoft Word table document in 2 clicks to ensure consistency of acronym use in the proposal.

The Power Of Acroseeker 

2 clicks! The relationship between the RFP and PDA kept getting better. At his fingertips with the PDA were the dynamic tasks unique to the industry and tailored to his needs. Also, the Common Concepts and Document Differences which analyzed the nuances between two documents at his command. And then, it is like the PDA intuited what the RFP needed after a few words, a shorthand, an acronym seeker.

The Power Of Acronyms 

It could even identify undefined acronyms, so he did not miss a thing when compiling a proposal. This was tremendously helpful in the workflow of executing a proposal. The government used acronyms in voluminous procurement documents with vigor and precision. Three- or four-letter combinations were simple enough to spot, but if interpreted in the wrong or inconsistent way in the document, it’s guaranteed a swift end in noncompliance.

He looked at the freshly minted Acronym Analysis report on his desk. He had a guideline for navigating his proposal that was error proof. The level of efficiency afforded by automation was fantastic. He started thinking about his job differently. Not like a series of grey days with an endless sea of documents swimming on his desk demanding of his time and energy. But like a great game of golf, refreshing and exciting like seeing the outline of the forest sharpening amidst the trees. He took a swift swing of a golf club and smiled.

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