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A successful team will always have productive interactions, and this can only happen with the right people in place. Processes are important but they are not really what makes or breaks a project. Instead, it takes intelligent discussion between all members of your group that work towards mutual goals. This could be making sure everyone understands their part correctly before moving forward together.

Why should you work through your solution alone when the whole team has a stake in helping you find an answer? By taking advantage of personal communication, brainstorming, and collaboration between employees, it is possible for them all to get behind one goal.

Agile Proposal Writing Roles

In a Scrum approach, there are defined roles that help teams to work more efficiently. Using these similar established positions in the RFP proposal development will allow you the opportunity for better proposal management and ultimately higher rates of success.

Below are some of the key agile proposal writer roles:

The Product Owner / Capture Manager

The Capture Manager is a key player in any company. He spends up to one year understanding the customer’s requirements. He then uses this knowledge for a strategy towards a needs-based solution for clients, with greater strengths than other competitors.

The Capture Manager knows the customers and their most important requirements very well. Using this knowledge, he clarifies their needs in RFP Evaluation Criteria Section M. He then prioritizes key features for development based on what will best meet their business objectives with a proposal tailored accordingly.

The Capture Manager excels at decisions. They are empowered by their organization to make the most important ones, and then they have complete freedom over what happens next.

Scrum Master / Proposal Manager

Like the Scrum Master, the person who facilitates the project, coaches, and mentors a proposal team to remove all barriers is the Project Manager. Having organizational clout, he can be accessed quickly for issues needing attention. The Proposal Manager will not only make sure there are not any distractions but also resolve them as soon as possible so no one gets slowed down.

The Project Manager must be an excellent communicator, being both articulate and diplomatic. He will ensure the proposal team has whatever is necessary to accomplish the goal.

Gradually, the proposal team will adapt to the new agile environment, and their ability to accomplish work will increase. The leader guides them through each sprint. He helps keep everything on track while providing feedback that will lead towards completion for all sections within deadlines set by management.

Development Team / Proposal Team

In Scrum, the model uses a team that is creative and flexible. The Proposal Team will produce sections one at a time, which will give each segment an opportunity for feedback. These completed sections are like portioned deliverables which are virtually done until the fully developed proposal is achieved.

The proposal team is responsible for the overall presentation of your offer. They include proposal writers, subject matter experts (SMEs), graphic artists, and editors among others to create products that are tailored towards meeting customer needs.


An agile model that encourages incremental team interaction of the RFP response can ensure a fast and smooth path toward a high probability of winning (Pwin). With the help of the key roles of the Capture Manager and the Proposal Manager, the proposal team is guided and maneuvered toward a compelling and successful proposal in a much shorter time.

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