AI In ECommerce


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has shaped, changed, and accelerated the world forward into the future. While it has many sweeping and generalized effects on society, it is interesting how AI has transformed the industry of eCommerce. A relatively new industry that is quick to adopt new technologies and innovate to inspire customer loyalty. Since 2018, there has been a 186% increase in AI adoption across industries. More findings indicate that 79% of businesses attribute revenue increases to marketing and sales AI. A powerful predictor that AI technologies are going to revolutionize a diverse array of industry sectors.

Benefits Of AI In ECommerce

The adoption of AI has touched all corners of the eCommerce industry from customer support to manufacturing having a profound effect on efficiency and productivity. Also, eCommerce has capitalized on AI in its capacity for data analysis. For businesses, the capability to analyze data especially on a granular level increases personalization in sales and marketing. Personalization is a powerful tool for revenue generation. Businesses can segment their audience, a tactic that increases response rates and engagement with advertising. 72% of customers report that they only engage with personalized messaging, one that is more likely to ensure their loyalty to a business.

ECommerce And Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis or opinion mining is an interesting application of a subset of AI called natural language processing (NLP). Businesses use this practice to analyze large sets of consumer text data to understand the emotional sentiment behind conversations. A powerful example of sentiment analysis in action is an eCommerce business listening to social media comments or customer reviews to determine how a target audience feels about a specific product. By analyzing thousands of consumer reviews at once, a brand can understand on a deep level how consumers feel about their product offering.

This enables brands to better position themselves in the market by being responsive to the needs and desires of their customers. Also, sentiment analysis can help brands understand how to improve products, pricing, marketing, and sales campaigns as well as customer service. In eCommerce, an industry that is extremely customer-driven sentiment analysis can be a valuable tool for data-driven insights into customer behavior.

Customer Service Chatbots

Excellent customer service and service delivery are essential in the eCommerce industry. Research has found that 46% of eCommerce businesses are using AI-driven chatbots to deliver consistent quality customer service. A chatbot can ask and answer questions from customers. It can act as a personalized virtual assistant that improves the customer journey. Personalized attention from chatbots goes a long way as far as improving profits. For example, the luxury brand Burberry uses a Facebook Messenger chatbot to answer questions 24/7 and check for product availability which improves customer retention and satisfaction.


In the world of eCommerce, using AI to improve customer service via sentiment analysis and customer service chatbots can serve as a competitive advantage. In an industry that is highly sensitive to customer demands and preferences, the capabilities of AI ensure that an eCommerce business can make data-driven actionable decisions.

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