AI Predictive Maintenance


What Is AI Predictive Maintenance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictive Maintenance is using advanced software technologies that employ AI and Machine learning (ML) to anticipate maintenance or repairs that will be needed. In AI preventive maintenance, AI analyzes systems to predict future malfunctions. AI is a broad topic that covers a wide variety of different uses and applications. One such application is AI in computer vision, where AI looks directly at the physical world as it appears through cameras attached. Manufacturers can use predictive maintenance techniques to implement safeguards that notify the right people when a piece of equipment needs to be inspected.

The concept of predictive maintenance was first introduced in the 1980s. This idea is simple: using data from previous operations to predict when a machine or system will fail and take preventative measures before an issue occurs. In the past, this data needed to be collected manually by assessing machinery during inspections. But now, newer technologies have made it possible for companies to use AI predictive maintenance models that analyze large amounts of data more efficiently than humans can on their own.

Importance Of AI Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance can be thought of as a form of preventive maintenance. It is an alternative way to monitor the health and performance of equipment, components, or systems. If you cannot afford to have downtime for your equipment, then predictive maintenance is something that must be implemented in order to keep everything running smoothly without unexpected disruptions.

Predictive maintenance is like preventive maintenance but with an important difference. Both concern the scheduled upkeep of equipment. But preventive maintenance can only apply maintenance measures that are basic to any of the equipment according to its design. Predictive maintenance can discern the impending malfunction of the equipment based on actual feedback, historical usage, and conditions.

AI Predictive Maintenance Examples

Some people believe predictive maintenance is something that only big industries can take advantage of, but this isn’t the case. Every business, from a family-owned restaurant to a large multinational corporation, benefits from being able to predict when and where problems may occur. Some ways in which these types of businesses use predictive maintenance include:

· Manufacturers can implement safeguards in the equipment to notify people of needed inspections. Breakdowns can be anticipated by using such information as the historical data, the sounds of the equipment, and the electrical current.

· Supply chain personnel can use the information gained from the AI analytics to gauge how long equipment downtime can be expected and plan accordingly.

· Original Equipment Manufacturers can build models based on historical usage of their equipment from multiple customers and provide predictive maintenance service.


Many people mistakenly think that predictive maintenance means we will soon be living in a world where robots do all the work. What is actually happening, however, is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are being used to find patterns and anomalies in data so humans can take appropriate action before something breaks down. Using the smart technologies of AI and ML, advanced software can provide the predictive maintenance that saves time and money by reducing unplanned downtime for machines or equipment.

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