Benefits Of Sentiment Analysis

What Is Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining or emotional AI, is a way of knowing the thoughts or feelings of people regarding any topic expressed on the Internet. It means analyzing people’s online textual comments regarding a certain matter, service, or product to gather the essential mood they feel. Sentiment analysis uses the digital technologies of Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Artificial Intelligence (AI). This process is beneficial especially for various business products and services but can serve any area of life. In business, it is valuable for marketing, e-commerce, advertising. It can also be useful in politics or any global research need.

Benefit For Business Information

Perhaps the primary use for sentiment analysis is providing businesses the ability to be aware of how their products or services are appreciated by the consumers. This lets companies know how to improve or limit their offerings. People naturally want to see that their efforts at helping in some way is useful. Sentiment analysis is a digital way for a company to assess this.

Source For Customer Feedback

Every high-quality business cares what consumers think about their purchased products or services. Sentiment analysis can gather these publicly expressed attitudes through the canvassing of social media, blogs, articles, reviews, and discussion forums. Using the technologies of NLP and AI, general customer feedback can be known.

Monitor For Market Buzz

Vast amounts of online textual data is readily available for sentiment analysis to help see market interests or trends regarding products or services. These can be new or old, niche or ordinary. In a sense, online textual data is like scattered commodities that just need to be picked up by the savvy marketer. When the public express what they like or dislike, then a company can know what will be successful or not.

Means For Crisis Prevention

Most companies care about their brand’s quality. When consumers are dissatisfied with a product or service, they feel compelled to mention these opinions through social media, websites, or product reviews. These sentiments can be detected in real-time to prevent large-scale damaging impressions. If monitored well, it also helps with real-time customer service in the effort to prevent widespread public disapproval. Not only in the marketplace but also in national or global political affairs can sentiment analysis be useful for preventing bad public persona or threats of violence.


Sentiment analysis is becoming important in the business of marketing, e-commerce, advertising, and even politics, because it is a process of analyzing the opinions and attitudes of people anywhere technology is available. Things which would not be possible without the digital technologies of NLP and AI, which uses algorithms and rules to learn how people speak and express their opinions about anything posted through any digital medium, such as social media, websites, blogs, and discussion forums. The Content Analytics Platform (CAP), developed by Scion Analytics, is a robust software application that uses these technological advances for companies to leverage invaluable structured data.

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