Can Your Business Use Instagram to Generate Leads?


Instagram has evolved from a photogenic, cool kid’s app to a more sophisticated, brand driven arbiter of visual content. Instagram business accounts know the basics of the game: know your audience, tailor content to the audience, post quality content frequently, and engage with followers. This falls short of the business storytelling aspect that humanizes a brand to its followers. The ephemeral video on Instagram is unedited and spontaneous, staying in the moment for the aesthetically driven user. How can this feature be used for high quality lead generation for business? What are other Instagram post strategies that bring leads?

The marketing principle to remember behind Instagram for lead generation is storytelling. The audience is unlikely to engage or want to volunteer information if they don’t feel compelled. The content should be authentic, humanizing, and most of all relevant to your niche.

Some more long-term ways to nurture lead generation is to humanize the business and feature the fans. Humanizing the brand will lead to genuine brand relationship and the ability of your followers to trust you. This trust will convert into more followers and new leads. An idea is to give followers a sneak peek behind the scenes or share how the business got its humble beginnings. Social media users are tired of direct sales pitches and in your face advertising. Taking this approach might be refreshing and captivating for many followers.

By featuring fans on your business Instagram, you add credibility to your brand. If these fans are vouching for you, then your business must be great. Telling a story how your product or service made a difference in the fan’s life will draw in new followers that will turn into customers. It shows a level of caring and commitment to the customers and makes for a great marketing story.

For lead generation to happen successfully on Instagram, a business needs to be aware of their message and curate their video presence. Whether just a beginner or an experienced user, it is not enough to create targeted video content. A business must utilize lead capturing strategies to capitalize on this ephemeral feature. The sense of urgency and exclusivity will be in favor of product teasers, fun contests, and engaging Q&A session. A business with consistency and creativity could gather a lot of valuable information from their followers. As far as the big picture, brand strategy needs to be present on Instagram with excellent storytelling. By posting behind the scenes and insider view, a business becomes human to its followers and therefore more authentic. An Instagram account that features fans of the business to tell the story is gaining the trust of its follower base. Long term, this authenticity and trust will evolve into new leads and growth for the business.

Instagram has matured, and so have the lead generation practices that work on the app. Refining the storytelling aspect and being congruent with the business’ message will be attractive to new followers. It will be exciting how many more effective practices for lead generation on Instagram will come with time.

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