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Gather insight, build connections, and strategize how you will win future Requests For Proposal (RFP) opportunities with capture management. Capture management is a process of understanding and strategizing how your company can best win an upcoming RFP. This includes several actions. Gathering insight into what the customer needs, building connections with them before they receive any other bids or proposals, and demonstrating knowledge about these issues. It basically means positioning yourself ahead in terms of solving those problems.

Both the point and the significance of capture planning are in the timing. The attempt to win a particular customer’s business interest is before the actual RFP is published by the customer. The capture management process is unique to a particular procurement project. It is the strategy to win this new customer before the RFQ process begins. A capture plan is a marketing strategy that must be executed early on for it to be successful. You need time and research, as well as contacting customers so they can feel connected throughout the process.

Identify Winning Proposal Themes

· The term “win theme” is a misnomer. It only means a high-level idea that provides key benefits and features that will appeal to the customer. These suffuse the proposal and are less detailed than “proposal themes.” The win theme quickly answers the basic question as to why your company should be selected for the job. Proposal themes are what are being considered here.

· The central idea that is supported with quantifiable data is the proposal theme. This central idea or solution that emphasizes your differentiators can be a sure way to distinguish your proposals from all the competition. It sets you apart in terms of what makes this product different than others.

· Recognize that capture management is a process that takes time. You must become aware of some things about the business opportunity to even develop a winning proposal theme.

· Attempt to create a relationship with the potential customer and become aware of major concerns with the customer, sometimes called “hot buttons.”

· Strategize how you can position yourself with your unique qualifiers and the solutions your company can provide the customer.

Assume A Strong Posture

· Be sure to employ a capture manager. This individual will be responsible for the overall strategy and research to produce a capture plan.

· An important move is to also employ not just a team but the right team. These members will know how to breed good ideas and help develop the capture plan.

· Discuss the benefits and advantages of your company’s offering, demonstrating your advantages with proven data.

· Attempt to contact and influence the key stakeholders such as the executives and the procurement team.

· One of the best ways to assume a strong posture is to leverage advanced technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to quickly help prepare capture planning.


Capture planning is key to winning contracts. It starts with identifying winning themes to offer a customer. Winning proposal themes are high-level ideas that discuss features and benefits. These will run like a persistent current through each respective portion of a well-written proposal, leaving no doubt about your excellence for the customer.

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