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Plain Language Tips

Communicating in an understandable language is fundamental for meaningful human interaction. When a person does not understand a foreign language spoken to him, there remains

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Government Contract Types

Many businesses and business individuals contract with one of the federal government’s departments or agencies to provide goods or services, a construction project, or some

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There are two different RFx documents that you can use to expedite your focused search for suppliers when requesting products and services from vendors. The

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RFP Decision Process

A Request for Proposals (RFP) is a public, formal announcement issued by either the federal government or a private organization for all interested contractors. By

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What Is An RFI?

In both government contracting and the private sector, there are several types of formal requests for certain contracting information. Some include a Request For Proposals

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Government Proposal

A contract is a formal agreement between business parties that are enforceable in law. US Government procurement at the federal, state, or local level is

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