Color Team Review


What Is A Color Team Review?

A Color Team Review is an industry-standard practice in the world of business proposals. It is a planned, structured, disciplined process to bring a contract response to a request for proposal (RFP) toward a winning completion. The process involves using several teams designated by colors. There are Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Gold, and White Teams. These color team reviews are composed of selected experts and proposal managers. They work collaboratively on the proposal response to achieve certain planned milestones in the development of the complex contract proposal. The developed proposal will be submitted to either a federal government or a commercial enterprise. When done well, the color team reviews ensure a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to meet a business need with a high probability of winning (Pwin). This effort at developing a winning proposal is called the capture process. The color team reviews are vital steps in its growth and maturity.

Benefits Of Color Team Review

There are key benefits of using the practice of color team reviews in an RFP response. These benefits arise due to the nature of the color team review discipline. They are teams pre-determined by well-defined roles and focused goals. These teams are planned in a logical, sequential order. There are increasing maturity goals in the development stages of the proposal. One color team must satisfy its objectives before the proposal is released to the color team next in line. These are like gates where the status of the working proposal will not be advanced unless completed. The focused concerns of each color team must be accomplished in a satisfactory way. Then it is determined to be forwarded to the next color team for its review. Some key benefits are:

· The color team review objectives are well-defined. The teams can give focused attention to the details required. No detail impacting full proposal compliance should be overlooked before it is moved to the next color team.

· Color team reviews are concerned with customer satisfaction and requirement compliance. They help improve the quality of the capture process by ensuring the detailed responses and addresses of the RFP concerns are fully met.

· It is a good practice for ensuring the quality of the proposal by identifying gaps or inadequacies. The teams will evaluate the presence or absence of discriminators, win themes, and full compliance to customer requirements.

· With close collaboration, a compelling, winning, final proposal product can be ensured.

Steps In A Color Team Review

Blue Team

Ensures the initial preparations. The initial proposal framework is developed. The sections are outlined. The initial graphics and charts are added. Key persons and resumes are added. Writers are assigned. Gaps are identified.

Pink Team

Narrative and details are added. Content is supplied. Emphasis is on the quality of the content rather than the quality of the form and style. Gaps are key action items.

Red Team

All the corrections, additions, and changes should be accomplished by the red team.

Green Team

The review of the pricing of the contract proposal is done by the green team.

Gold Team

The gold team ensures the readiness of the content, style, graphics, and formatting of the proposal. The document should be completely ready for submission. All sections are completed. All information is provided and fully compliant.

White Team

This team will mainly review the final product visually, with a focus on compliance.


Color team reviews help improve the competitive quality of contract proposals in a logical, sequential, focused, and structured manner. Vendors who subject their responses to RFPs through the channel of expert color

team reviews ensure the thorough readiness of a winning proposal. The discipline is an accepted business practice that drives successful contract proposals.

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