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Content analytics has shown the potential and power of digital content to connect the dots for businesses. It has been found that 75% of enterprises rely on content for transformative business insights to shape and scale business. Insights that emerge from content patterns, content trends, key performance indicators (KPI) are a commodity for the enterprise.

As the digital economy became more robust so did the expectations for a piece of content. Businesses came alive with content transformation which put up each piece of content for analysis. Internally, it delivered metrics and engagement rates for content. Externally, it gave businesses insights into the mindset of customers where to meet them and sell to them online.

But the progress of content transformation had its limitations. It was the digital terrain of structured data. Data that played by the numbers and rows and columns. For years and years, businesses have come to rely on the confines of structured data.

It was the way things were done.

But businesses wanted to do things better. As the content revolution continued, different types of content flooded the Internet: blog posts, white papers, social media, customer service tickets (text and audio), news sites. Within each piece of content was a hidden insight obscured by unstructured data.

Unstructured data was hard to access and free form in structure. An alphabet soup of numbers, letters, patterns contained by nothing but the page.

If 80-90% of enterprise data was unstructured, how much value did it hold?

On the cusp of innovation, businesses needed a platform to structure unstructured data. The Content Analytics Platform (CAP) from Scion Analytics, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate processes, scale business, and leverage data they did not even know they had.

It affirmed that knowledge is a powerful form of currency when applied to content.

What Is The Content Analytics Platform

The CAP is a dynamic intelligent automation platform. It provides the capability to create customizable automation solutions for digesting unstructured data. Additionally, the platform comes with out-of-the-box automation solutions for various industries. Even with enormous customization flexibility, the platform is extremely easy to use for non-technical individuals.

The platform was born from government contracting as a solution for automating RFx and winning more business. An idea sparked by the spirit of American innovation; the CAP operates in the most secure environments in the world. It gives users control of their data and empowers them to see the possibilities of tomorrow.

Bold thinkers, visionaries, and innovators have embraced the flexibility of CAP. From the government contracting space, CAP has transformed commercial industries with consultative service delivery and service philosophy.

A dedicated team helps the business to customize microservices for maximum automation of business processes. With a solution-oriented and service-oriented approach, the CAP is personalized to the business as a revenue-generating solution. A business can visualize progress with instant results on the CAP dashboard.

Content Analytics Platform Benefits

As enterprises harness unstructured data, the approach to content analytics becomes more sophisticated. Content analytics is the practice of applying business analytics and business intelligence to digital content. At the enterprise level, not all content analytics tools are created equal.

Here are the benefits of CAP:

· A user of CAP saves an enormous amount of time.

o For example, a typical proposal development team experiences 67%-time savings by replacing manual processes with automation.

o A retail business experiences 98.2%-time savings on data-driven decisions by leveraging real-time analytics. Faster decisions lead to more opportunities.

· For the business, the CAP improves the quality of the documents.

· Unique propriety technologies such as Content Analytics Mapping Technology (CAM-T) and Weighted Content Analytics Technology (WCA-T), use leading technology to do sophisticated content analytics. Having a more granular and defined view of content enables businesses to make better decisions.

· By accessing important content in unstructured data, a business stops relying on guesswork and starts making smarter decisions based on data.

· The CAP helps with the consistency of content across the company’s departments. By ensuring uniformity and constancy within and across the company, it helps the business unify the message and brand.

Content Analytics Platform Features

The benefits of CAP enable the following features to be available to users:

· Parse/Shred documents, e.g., RFPs

· Auto-Generate various types of matrices, e.g., Compliance Matrix

· Identify critical content in documents and between documents, such as requirements, risks, and concepts

· Identify content gaps between documents, such as missing requirements in a proposal

· Auto-Generate content mapping, e.g., RACI matrix, Cost Analysis, Color Team Reviews, and many others

· Content Analysis using Weighted Dictionaries, e.g., Risk Analysis

· Textual content quality analysis using Readability Analysis that quickly identifies textual sections that need to be addressed, per “what is important” to your team

· Identify Differences between versions of documents

· Find and Validate Acronyms

Content Analytics Platform Industries

When Scion Analytics has a discovery meeting with a client, the statement that sets the tone is, “Imagine what you can do”. While the platform has roots in government contracting, it has ignited innovation for many businesses across industries. Transformational results have been seen in industries such as business development, finance, human resources, IT, legal, marketing, and operations.


Each use case is unique given the deep flexibility and personalization of the platform. The goal of Scion Analytics is to empower users. An enterprise may use CAP to automate processes and everyone in the company from the CEO to the business analyst can put it to use.

We empower each employee in the business to be a bold thinker, a visionary, an innovator to see the possibilities of tomorrow with CAP.

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