Content Analytics Mapping (CAM-T)

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The Next Generation of Content Analytics is CAM-T

The Next Generation of Content Analytics is CAM-T

The future of smart decision-making for organizations is Content Analytics Mapping Technology (CAM-T), a technology that infuses content analytics with mapping capabilities. For transformational change in an organization, one that improves business processes and project planning, an advanced level of textual automation is needed. This is the capability of CAM-T powered by AI & NLP technologies.

At Scion Analytics, we believe that true enterprise-level service applied to a strategic and personalized lens of change pushes you forward into the future.



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True Enterprise-Level Service

At Scion Analytics, we harness the power of robust technologies such as CAM-T to be a catalyst for organizational change. But leading-edge technology is not enough when it comes to truly transforming an enterprise. Our service philosophy infuses a personal touch with a customized strategy to lead you into the future. These days, you can’t copy and paste your way past the competition. CAM-T saves you time and money and frees your organization from manual processes. It delivers invaluable business intelligence in an instant. The future belongs to organizations that innovate. Partner with Scion Analytics today for a bright future.


Service For Any Industry

Scion Analytics is dedicated to personalized service with enterprise-level technology to innovate

Business Development

Innovate beyond the competition while growing relationships

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Human Resources

Speak the same language as your talent with NLP

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Tell your targeted audiences story

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Transform all of your unstructured data into excel, intelligently

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AI out of the box

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Optimize processes and improve metrics

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Government Contracting

Win more with the best kept secret in Gov Con

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Reduce time and improve accuracy

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The Art Of Innovation

Deploying Content Analytics Mapping involves these fundamental principles:


A platform to build your future on.


Accelerate your productivity through RPA capabilities.


Promise of predictive analytics.


Innovation delivered. Competitive advantage gained.

Scion Analytics Leadership

Danny Murawinski
Chief Marketing Officer

As the CMO of Scion Analytics, Danny is a maverick. Danny’s experience as a professional snowboard coach, biologist and entrepreneur transcend that of a traditional marketer. Under Danny’s leadership, Scion Analytics is a digital force ready to change the way people work & consume content.

Jim Eddy
Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Scion Analytics, James R. Eddy has a vision for freeing the value and access of information to businesses, consumers and governments. In his role, Jim draws on decades of technology expertise to innovate the content analytics platform as the future of business development.

Tom Lipscomb
Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President and co-founder of Scion Analytics, Tom Lipscomb created a content analytics platform that saves time and improves accuracy as it transforms and processes information. At Scion Analytics, Tom is responsible for customer focus and business development.

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