Does Your Business Need RFP Automation


The concept of automation is attractive to businesses on many levels. It is ubiquitous, a technology exists for almost every work task imaginable. Nevertheless, with so many automation options available, it is up to each business to discern the value and need for such technology. As the technology on the horizon becomes more innovative and intuitive, the decision to automate must be weighed against the benefit of human touch as it is reflected in the bottom line.

From the proposal managers to capture managers to project managers, there are specific roles within the business sector that would significantly benefit from the automation of the RFP process. The applications of RFP automation software extend beyond the government contracting industry to other verticals such as healthcare, legal and automotive. Some functionalities of the software can even be used to analyze and process unstructured data, an unchartered frontier in business and marketing intelligence that is gaining traction and sophistication.

How To Save Time On RFP Process 

In the realm of RFP responses, the average team has 7.3 contributors with 1 RFP/month that has a 40% repetition rate of questions. That is a picture of incredible redundancy and detail vulnerable to human error and boredom. The solution? RFP automation which delivers a draft with a few clicks in a few minutes instead of a lot emails stretched over hours. The RFP process becomes more efficient with features like smart libraries that organize content and make it searchable. A document comparison feature that compares versions of a document in minutes. Automation is effective for collaboration as it assigns roles and color teams for each contributor. It clearly marks from section to project level the responsibility of a contributor. This feature improves communication and workflow for a more streamlined process for winning business or handling large documents.

How Your Business Can Scale RFP Process 

The organization of workflow enables the business to scale the RFP process. Does your business submit less than 10 RFPs a year? If so, the automation process could significantly impact your business development. It is a matter of efficiency. The more structured your process is the faster is your response time to opportunities. The fact that one contributor can easily edit a centralized response to an RFP is shifting the industry. There are no more working weekends, isolated team members or weaving together fragments of responses from emails. The competitive advantage for automation is that the business gets to keep responses on brand with a few clicks and hunt for new business.

RFP Automation Software

For a business, the adoption of new technology is a solution to the problem posed by human error and inconsistency. RFP automation software is revolutionizing an industry known for highly regulated and structured RFPs that consume days and weeks of operational resources. The features and benefits of the tool are specifically designed to make version control, collaboration, and content management easier on the user. A centralized version of a document can be edited with a few clicks and win more business.

A caveat remains for the adopter when is the right time and place for automation to replace the human touch in business. The prediction? That tasks like writing and competitor comparison will still require the intricacy of human touch. As for the rest of the process, it is made better and faster with automation technology.

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