Employee Spotlight: Alesia Moore

For some people, childhood is a time of exploration and wonder that uncovers the right direction in adulthood. Alesia Mosse, the new project manager at Scion Analytics is a Tampa native that worked her entire career through the ranks at Verizon. What seemed like a traditional progression on the corporate ladder was sparked by a childhood competition with a great story.

At the age of 10, Alesia entered a storytelling competition at the behest of her mom’s friend. The stage was set for memorizing and reciting, “One Fine Day” by Nonny Hogrogian, a loan from the local library. As Alesia recalls, the story was an elaborate timeline of how a fox had his tail chopped off for stealing milk from an elderly lady and proceeded on a journey of bartering with other animals and nature to ultimately return the stolen milk to the elderly lady. A natural at storytelling, Alesia was mesmerized and won first place in the contest in her local district and going on to win 3rd place at the city competition that year.

A Timeline For Success

The childhood experience that drew on her natural talents led her into a career in project management. When asked what makes for a good presentation, Alesia says “knowing the needs of the audience and delivering the right amount of detail with the right focus”.

Alesia’s inquisitive mind served her well during her 33-year tenure at Verizon. She worked her way up from an administrative assistant to a manager while attending school. She received a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University followed by an MBA. She is proud of going to school while working full time using education to further her professional goals.

A Long Career At Verizon

During her role as Project Manager, Business Operations Support at Verizon she held multiple roles and project managed content settlements, carrier settlements, tax, accounting, and revenue assurance. She simultaneously led a team of two testers that were responsible for testing the entire new billing application from end-to-end.  The project was a great success and the team migrated over 6.8 million accounts from a legacy billing system to a new billing system.  In a different Project Manager role, Alesia managed a Revenue Assurance project that compared feeds from 82 IT systems to locate over $65 Million in lost revenue.

In 2017, she retired from Verizon and took 9 months off to do fun things with family and friends. Then, she said she missed the interaction with people and wrapping her brain around projects so when a contracting firm called about a project manager position at Verizon, she jumped on the opportunity.

As a project manager contractor in Verizon, Alesia worked in the network engineering area until July 2020. Then, Jim Eddy, a longtime acquaintance from her days at Verizon contacted Alesia about an opportunity at Scion Analytics.

Project Manager At Scion Analytics 

In her new position, Alesia works with the software development team and manages the testing team to work on the Professional Document Analyzer tool. Alesia is excited about the chance to build the project management role from the ground up with best practices from her years of experience. She refers to her leadership style as “servant leader” and is dedicated to the people she works with and manages. She strives to remove obstacles in front of her team so the project will get done.

As for family life, Alesia has been married to her husband, Herbert for 24 years and has an adorable family of French Bulldogs, Chanel, Carlos, and Blu that keep her hands full.

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