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Leadership is about vision and responsibility. A skilled leader is one who exemplifies conviction not only when times are favorable but more so when times are challenging. As Chief Executive Officer of Scion Analytics, Jim Eddy is a leader with unlikely beginnings. His story is one of dedication to the work, the organization, and the people.

Unlikely Beginnings for Career in Tech

Jim’s early beginnings lacked the traditional family structure to set him up for success. After a challenging start, Jim was faced with few options after high school. As a teenager, Jim walked into a bank in Ft. Myers with the intention of getting a job. The bank had a need for someone to operate the computer room and took a chance on hiring a young man.

Jim was hired to work in the check processing center where the manager pointed him to a stack of large computer books on the shelf. Jim took to the books and a crash course in self education launched a 40-year career in tech.

At 18, Jim became a software developer for Equifax. By the time he was 25, Jim was an architect for Verizon. After Verizon, Jim operated an award-winning software development training company largely serving the department of defense. After the sale, Jim worked with investor groups on growing technical properties and reaching successful Exits. These included stints with T-Mobile, Citi, and Fidelity.

Tenure Of Leadership Excellence 

Prior to Scion Analytics, Jim spent 7 years as the CIO of PAR, a leading publisher of psychological assessment products for mental health, school, hospital, and private practice settings. During his tenure, the company launched an online testing platform to expand digital business to 20,000 organizations around the world.

At Scion Analytics, Jim brings a leadership philosophy shaped by decades of hard work, innovation, and a desire to help others. As a highly determined person, Jim personifies grace under pressure when it comes to the challenges of growing a dynamic company. His steadfast demeanor is calming to employees.

He is a leader that puts people first. In 1996, he was working in his first management position in the R&D division in Tampa for Electronic Payment Services (EPS).  In his role, Jim returned the favor he was given when he was a teenager by hiring a man with a young family looking for a career change in tech. Now that man is a software architect with a leading company in the Tampa area.

CEO Of Scion Analytics 

Jim knows the value of hard work. His most hard-won project was to help execute a consolidation at Citi into one subsidiary in Tampa. The leadership wanted the consolidation deemed a high-risk operation to be finished in 2 years. Jim and his team completed the consolidation including an annual close in 9 months. During that period, Jim hired 150 highly skilled technology professionals. His best recruiter was Len Terranova, the current Solutions Director of Scion Analytics.

As Scion Analytics looks to the future, Jim is confident that the company will flourish beyond the competition with faster response time and better availability. The company is demonstrating use-cases in other verticals beyond government contracting to demonstrate the value of unstructured content.

Vision,Grit, and Drive To Shape The Future 

While Jim has goals for long-term operations of Scion Analytics, at the core remains his dedication to helping people grow their careers. Under Jim’s leadership, a mix of grit, drive and vision, Scion Analytics is poised to navigate the endless sea of unstructured content for any business.

 As the holiday spirit of gratitude fills the air, Jim reflects on a life guided and success granted by his abiding Christian faith.

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