Employee Spotlight: Kristy Martinez


At Scion Analytics, our culture is shaped by the tenets of professionalism, commitment, and innovation. We are professional in our roles. We are committed to our promises and mission. We are innovating in this dynamic company in the technological landscape that never stops amazing us.

As we grow as a company, we hire people to enhance our culture and vision. We look for a rare package of ambition and service. We open the door for creativity, giving employees the room to experiment and iterate the best version of themselves within Scion Analytics.

Air Force Veteran Enthusiastic about Possibilities of Social Media Management

This philosophy is exemplified by our newest hire, Kristy Martinez, an Air Force veteran who draws upon her experience in the military to ignite a career in social media management.

At the age of 18, coming from a military family, Kristy joined the Air Force. She reflects that she wanted her grandmother, an important person in her upbringing to see her in uniform before she passed. During service, Kristy was able to take classes and travel. Her most memorable trip remains to Japan. A wonderous place where Kristy did fast missions and secured planes that went to Thailand and Dubai.

Kristy comments on the culture of Japan as being enticing. She said: “What stood out was the presentation of food like sushi conveyor belts. Japanese hospitality is warm, especially to Americans, with a nostalgia for older American shows such as Betty Boop”.

At 23, Kristy separated from the Air Force. While she continued to do Air Force recruiting in Tampa, she remarked that the military taught her to be dedicated to completing tasks and time management. Specifically, in the military Kristy did audits, data entry, admin assistance and social media management. Skills that she was able to translate into her civilian life.

She got her start as a virtual administrative assistant on different online platforms. A stint working for her sister at Moffitt Cancer Center intrigued Kristy about the intricacies of marketing and power of social media. She was especially interested in how companies do outreach with social media from small businesses to large enterprises. She mentions that her favorite social media platform is LinkedIn because it gives valuable insight to companies about how employees and customers think of the product.

A turning point in Kristy’s career was working with the CEO of an alcoholic beverage company. He gave her the freedom to be creative with social media management encouraging flow and experimentation within the confines of the work requirements. This project got a lot of views and traction, an experience that cemented Kristy’s passion for social media.

Kristy Shapes Scion Analytics Social Media Presence

As the newest hire in the Scion Analytics marketing department, Kristy is confident she has the go getter attitude it takes to succeed in the noisy landscape of social media. Her first project was a social media audit. She took 7 companies including 3 competitors of Scion Analytics and analyzed the performance, reach and engagement of top posts. She was careful to note the difference between companies of what worked and what did not during a year of social media posts. Kristy’s comprehensive SWOT analysis of companies shaped many aspects of the future strategies of the marketing department.

Kristy is excited about the opportunity to learn more in her position as she loves learning and practicing new skills. She notes that the atmosphere of the company was different from the start: “As soon as I walked in, I could tell morale was at all-time high. I love that the company encourages creative flow and being flexible within guidelines to complete my tasks. They care about employees and it shows”.

For a girl from New Jersey, Kristy has seen much of the world during her time in the military and learned valuable skills in administrative work and social media management that would continue to serve her in her career. As a social media manager, she hopes to continue evolving with the industry. As for her time away from work, Kristy is deeply dedicated to her family. As she says: “I grew up in cities. When I was in parts of Japan that were not urban, I missed amusement parks. Now, every weekend, I am with my family exploring amusement parks, the beach, restaurants, and parks”.

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