Federal Proposal Development


What Is Federal Proposal Development?

Government agencies will often issue a Request For Proposal (RFP) or a Request For Quotation (RFQ) to purchase a product or service. These documents announce an important need or service that must be supplied. This is done when the government agency does not have sufficient products or resources to supply its own needs.

When submitting a government contract proposal, it is important to follow instructions closely, and use the prescribed format. However, most proposals will include some key elements in common with RFPs or RFQs. These can be formatting requirements such as fonts. Careful reading can serve as helpful guidelines for formatting your documents properly when submitting these types of bids.

Government proposal development is really a process involving multiple stages:

· Capture Management

It consists of the initial capture management process. “Capture” means “win” in the business world. This stage is where the plan to win the bid for the customer’s choice of your company is started. Market intelligence and data collection for your potential agency are just some examples of this long process you must follow.

· Business Development

The next stage is the business development (BD) process. The Business Development team assesses whether the job is worth pursuing. They research the customer and the scope of their needs. They find resources that will help them achieve their goals. They make decisions about what products or services should be offered by your company. They develop a plan that is time- and cost-effective.

· Proposal Management

The final stage is the actual writing effort. This is when the proposal writing team gets to work. The proposal management process is the final phase of preparing a compelling solution to be offered to the customer. The previous work should take on a perfect shape to

effectively communicate your message. This proposal will discuss your approach to problem-solving with techniques that provide the right solution. It will propose an attractive project timeline and costs.

How We Can Assist In Federal Proposal Development

The entire process of government proposal development with all three stages can be effectively improved with the Proposal & Contract Suite. The suite is a Content Analytics Platform (CAP) component that helps you prepare successful business proposals and contracts. It is an out-of-the-box solution that is comprehensive and fully customizable. With the suite you can:

· Shred Your RFP

Analyze (shred or parse) your RFPs for terms such as “must,” “shall,” “will,” as well as your custom keywords or phrases. Six file types are supported.

· Excel Templates

Templates provide flexibility. They are:

· Easy to use

· Establish consistency and uniformity

· Helps eliminate rework, errors, and the cut-and-paste method

· Shorten proposal development time

· Apply best practices

· Generate A Compliance Matrix

· Use the Shipley Associates’ template or create a cross-reference compliance matrix

· Auto-populate requirement sections such as Section L

· Filter requirements

· Share your matrix with a single click

· Identify and Validate Acronyms

Your documents can be quickly scanned to identify both defined and undefined acronyms, erroneously or inconsistently used acronyms, and repeatedly defined acronyms.

· Compare Documents

You can identify differences between two similar documents in a side-by-side interactive window. Provides color-coded displays of modified, inserted, and deleted document elements.

· Readability Analysis

Determine the readability ranking of segments or paragraphs according to your business concerns.

· Ensure Compliance

The critical need for full compliance can be ensured. Use the duo tools of the cross-reference compliance matrix window, which can identify neglected concerns, and the gap analysis report, which can display missing concepts.

· Compare Resumes

Compare multiple resumes easily. With the Weighted Analysis/ Resumes dynamic application, you can identify what is important for the position you are trying to fill.

· Customization

Each dynamic application of the CAP is fully customizable, allowing you to create your own solutions.

Who Is Scion Analytics?

Scion Analytics is a leader in empowering companies to transform and scale their business by harnessing and managing their valuable data. They are a software solutions company specializing in data management automation and the fully customizable Content Analytics Platform (CAP).


With the help of automation software enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), your government proposal development can be greatly improved. RFPs and contractual documents can be thoroughly analyzed and rendered into a structured format.

This efficient automation ensures the discovery of all requirement terms, Federal Acquisition Requirements (FARs), keywords, phrases, and acronyms. Even the customized dictionaries, acronyms, and keyword libraries that are important to government agencies can be discovered with the suite.

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