AI out of the box


So That:

You can 2X plus your strategic initiatives annually

Scalable Solutions For IT

Scalable Solutions For IT

Leverage Content Analytics Platform

AI & NLP Technologies with Side-by-Side Training

Accelerator Platform With Customizable Solutions

For Your Team to Become Expert Users

Control The Future

Microservices customized to your enterprise

Virtually Experience The Content Analytics Platform (CAP)

Experience the CAP leveraging unstructured data while creating microservices that fuel a revenue generating dashboard.

VIrtual Experience

The Right Service For An Industry Can Be Powerful

At Scion Analytics, our service philosophy is about personalization


Virtual cognition that augments human capabilities

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Content Transformation

Transforms content into a useable format

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Weighted Analysis

Assign meaning to textual content that matters to your organization

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Reducing human error and increasing efficiency

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Speak the same language

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Content Analytics Mapping

See into the future with predictive analysis

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Text Analytics

Indexing your unstructured data

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Service Philosophy

Business Analysts Consult On-Site Or Virtual

Strengthen your relationships in IT

We Strategize With Your Executive Team To Implement The Foundation

A platform to build your future on

Delivering Innovation Based On Your Strategic Plan

A superior competitive advantage vaults you to industry leadership

Trusted By Industry Leaders

When you engage with Scion Analytics, you get the promise of our core values. We believe shared success is built on integrity and trust.

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In the tech space, things move fast. Companies innovate faster when it partners with Scion Analytics to get future-ready results. Learn more about our relationships, company news, and culture here.

Scion Analytics Leadership

Danny Murawinski
Chief Marketing Officer

As the CMO of Scion Analytics, Danny is a maverick. Danny’s experience as a professional snowboard coach, biologist and entrepreneur transcend that of a traditional marketer. Under Danny’s leadership, Scion Analytics is a digital force ready to change the way people work & consume content.

Jim Eddy
Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Scion Analytics, James R. Eddy has a vision for freeing the value and access of information to businesses, consumers and governments. In his role, Jim draws on decades of technology expertise to innovate the content analytics platform as the future of business development.

Tom Lipscomb
Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President and co-founder of Scion Analytics, Tom Lipscomb created a content analytics platform that saves time and improves accuracy as it transforms and processes information. At Scion Analytics, Tom is responsible for customer focus and business development.

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For a quick solution that is preconfigured and ready to go, get an app for instant results

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Let’s shape the future together

Get A CAP App Today

For a quick solution that is preconfigured and ready to go, get an app for instant results