Intelligent Automation Benefits


Intelligent Automation (IA) is an advanced level of digital automation where software simulates human intelligence and judgment. Ordinary IT automation digitally performs perfunctory, thoughtless operations but IA does automated decision-making and thoughtful tasks. IT automation, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is rule-based technology that produces repetitive work. IA uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to behave with human-like judgment during its tasks.

Process Efficiency

The cardinal benefit of process efficiency is reward enough. Necessary human tasks normally produce the goods and services of a successful business. Many of these are now accomplished intelligently with inhuman accuracy, speed, and ease, because of the technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Improved Customer Experience

Efficient and intelligent software technology produces improved customer experience. Customers will always be happy when they are assisted by intuitive websites or knowledgeable and efficient customer service representatives. Good customer service experience can be ensured with the aid of intelligent automation empowering intuitive web pages and speedily-informed phone and chat representatives.

Optimized Back-Office Tasks

Many back-office tasks and processes are optimized. Traditionally, back-office tasks were very manual. Intelligent automation now accelerates these tasks with fewer workers needed.

Risk Management

The double advantage of reducing labor costs and minimizing human risks are accomplished. Intelligent automation means fewer people are needed to do traditionally manual tasks. This also means fewer people are exposed to risks to safety in the workplace.

Improved Production

When factory processes are done with the efficiency, accuracy, economy, and ease that AI provides, work force productivity is greatly optimized. AI-powered computers and robots can perform tasks tirelessly and without failure, demanding less human capital, resources, and space.

Improved Security

AI can benefit businesses with vigilant monitoring and fraud detection. AI-powered computers can monitor the workplace devices and people without fatigue, boredom, or distraction.

Business Innovation

AI can significantly contribute to goods and services innovation. AI can better sense or log the hindrances and flaws of products and services, contributing to new ideas and improvements.


Intelligent Automation (IA) is an advanced level of digital automation where AI and NLP software simulates human intelligence and judgment. It outperforms ordinary IT automation by accomplishing many processes that require thoughtfulness, perception, and decision-making in some measure. Neither AI nor IT automation are new concepts. But AI-powered computers, capable of machine-learning (ML) combined with increased computer power, greater sensors, and increased data storage, have a far reach in the global economy. Much of the work being done in the world economy involves the management of document data and the administration of business decisions based on that managed data. Intelligent automation (IA) can process enormous amounts of such work with ease. The Content Analytics Platform (CAP), developed by Scion Analytics, is a robust document analyzer capable of intelligently processing vast amounts of unstructured data quickly. The CAP can produce results that will position any company’s use of data for success.

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