Chief Executive Officer

Jim Eddy


Meet Jim

Under Jim’s leadership, the strategy and operations of Scion Analytics is to change the way people work and use information including unstructured data – a content revolution.

For 33 years, Jim has been married to his wife Shari.  His son Jordan is a lawyer in South Florida. His daughter Morgan is an investment banker in New York. He devotes his time to his faith, family and beach volleyball.

Meet Jim

As the CEO of Scion Analytics, James R. Eddy has a vision for freeing the value and access of information to businesses, consumers and governments. In his role, Jim draws on decades of technology expertise to innovate the content analytics platform as the future of business development.

Before being named CEO of Scion Analytics in August 2020, Jim served as a technology executive for a few turnarounds of Fortune 500 companies. He played a key role in acquisitions with T-Mobile, Fidelity and Citi. As a software developer and architect, he developed applications for Verizon, Equifax and Fidelity. He is certified with the U.S. Department of Defense as a software development and network engineering instructor.



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