Application Tutorials

With the AcroSeeker application of our platform, acronyms are identified and defined with customizable dictionaries.

The AcroSeeker application is used to build an acronym list.

1.   From the Welcome page, click Start.

2.   In the Application menu, click AcroSeeker, then click Next.

3.   Select a project from the Projects menu.

4.  Click the checkbox next to the document you want to analyze or refer to Options 1.

5.  Click Analyze.

NoteWait for the analysis process to complete before attempting to execute another command. CAP is a single thread processor and can only handle one command at a time.

6.  Click The Results window opens. You will see the acronym dictionary in the results window. The default view is an MS Word table. For more choices, refer to Options 2.


7.   View acronym dictionary output in a Word table.


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