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Books about greatness rarely leave room for ambiguity. A goal without a plan is just a pretty dream, a life without direction is a map that has been lined in the spirit of geography without a destination. Even though not all who wonder are lost, those who have inner drive are going places. Neal Peters is young, ambitious, and curious, a potent combination when it comes to building a company in the business of revolutionizing content.

Neal is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. While his degree was great on paper, Neal who comes from a big family watched his cousins with less formal education capitalize on the digital marketing boom online.

SEO Manager With A Vision For Possibilities 

After graduation, Neal set out to monetize a career in SEO while working as a department manager at Urban Outfitters. He pitched the district manager on his ideas for social media. The district manager was impressed enough to allot 10 hours of Neal’s retail work week to photographing clothes for social media.

As Neal became more fluent in social media, his longtime girlfriend, Katy graduated college and together they moved to Tampa. Neal, a devoted self-learner took online SEO classes and built his own website, efforts that led to an internship with My City Social. My City Social was quick to recognize Neal’s talent to promote him to a full-time position where he stayed for a year before Scion Analytics called.

His ambitions as SEO Manager at Scion Analytics include getting more organic traffic and working to optimize the website. His overarching goal is to beat competitors in website ranking and organic traffic to establish domain authority. Neal welcomes the singularity of focus on Scion Analytics rather than multiple client accounts, an opportunity that calls for continuous improvement and education.

The Discipline Of SEO 

In his work, Neal has contested the idea that SEO is a purely technical discipline untouched by creativity. The right SEO equation requires thinking outside of the box about what people are typing into Google when looking for a pair of new shoes because it is about so much more than the shoes. Neal’s instinct for thinking outside the box was developed from moving around a lot as a kid, seeing different people and different perspectives that challenged the status quo.

Beyond technical ability, skill and creativity, Neal has an unusually clear focus for his age. He said: “My inner drive for wanting to be successful came from my mom. My parents divorced when I was young, I grew up with my mom who was working 3 or 4 jobs while raising 3 kids. She is my role model for perseverance and drive as she worked so hard to provide us with stability.”

Another source of inspiration is Giannis Antetokounmpo, a Greek professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA. As a Wisconsin native, Neal is an avid sports fan. He said: “To me Antetokounmpo represents a great success, he came up from poverty in Greece and got drafted to the NBA. Now, wildly successful as one the most valuable players on the court, Antetokounmpo remains humble as he puts his family and values first.”

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