On the First Anniversary…

Today is the first anniversary of the launch of a platform that changed the future of content analysis. News moves fast in the tech space and in a short time, the New Edition of the Professional Document Analyzer (PDA) with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies had an impact far beyond automating proposal management to help scale businesses in different verticals. The Scion Analytics executive leadership team is thankful to the clients across verticals, trusted partners, and the customer’s creativity in finding new uses of the platform. In 2014, Tom Lipscomb had an idea for a solution, the Document Analyzer, a powerful parsing engine born in the government contracting space. In 2020, the singular idea for a solution has grown into Scion Analytics with a talented team committed to transforming businesses, of all sizes up to enterprise-level, with new technologies and capabilities. In the release of the New Edition of the Professional Document Analyzer, your team can leverage the following greater capabilities for greater opportunities.
  • Easy to Use– The New Edition PDA is now easier to use. A software your team will actually use. Scion Analytics values user feedback. Based on user input, the New Edition has ease of use, flexibility, and customization designed to directly translate your feedback to your business needs.
  • Powerful Content Mapping e.g., RAM– The only company in the world that produces content mapping in a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM). An amazing example of innovation and ingenuity in the platform.
  • Enhanced QC Readability– Communicate effectively what matters most to your team. The new QC Readability has the support of weighted dictionaries and can quickly identify areas of the document that require rewrites or improved textual content.
  • New Dynamic Tasks– Empowers you with the ability to define your tasks/applications by using customized libraries and templates. Customization in a few clicks using simple drop-down selections without programming or coding.
  • “The Real” RACI Matrix- Part of leading-edge RAM technology of data mapping. Our users have taken RACI and re-purposed it for Bid/No Bid, proposal reviews, and other solutions. Sophisticated capability without programming or macros required.
  • Incredible Time Savings– A manual RACI matrix takes between 8-10 hours to complete. Using the PDA, generating a RACI matrix takes less than three minutes.
  • Intuitive UI– A consistent UI that is easier to use reducing the learning curve for users and enhancing productivity.
In the pursuit of a bright future, with many anniversaries to come, our promise to you remains the same. This promise is tethered to our values as a company. We were built on trust, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. Our company DNA is infused with service. We are an enterprise-level software company with personal support. When you buy the platform, you buy the whole Scion Analytics company behind it. Our dedicated account managers are standing by and ready to help. Support for the PDA is always one click or phone call away. From government contracting to IT, from the healthcare industry to aerospace and defense, we want you to innovate faster with our platform. Scion Analytics has a diverse workforce, with more than 20% of employees, from all around the world. The advantage of such diversity is that different experiences and perspectives weave into ultra-innovative business practices. A year in tech can change everything. We are in the business of innovation. As the PDA continues to transform with new capabilities, work with us towards a bright future that belongs to your business.

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