Proposal Management Challenges


In government contracting, the RFP that gets noticed is the one that wins the business. However, producing consistent winning RFP responses is not an easy feat. Even seasoned veterans in the proposal business know that the proposal management process is often stressful and tedious. Business owners need to understand the details of proposal management challenges and the solutions that are used to accompany them. As the old saying goes, “with awareness comes mastery” and the proposal managers that are prepared to overcome the challenges ahead are leading the industry.

Making Proposals Consistent

Consistency goes a long way when it comes to overcoming challenges in proposal management. This is because an inconsistent approach will guarantee inconsistent results. A proposal manager that has a clear RFP strategy in place is prepared and positioned to win business. A strategy also allows a business to recognize areas of improvement and focus on the areas of strengths when it comes to analyzing proposals. When an RFP hits the desk, a proposal response team should know exactly which steps to take at what time to ensure consistency and uniformity in response. Using a RACI Matrix, such as one generated by the Proposal & Contract Suite can ensure that roles on a team in the proposal process are assigned and everyone knows their deliverables.

Leveraging Subject Matter Experts

An RFP is a complex document that is filled with numerous questions and requirements that need clear and educated answers. Another proposal management challenge is the need to consult subject matter experts in a timely manner on the RFP. The subject matter experts (SME) should be able to provide an informative response that highlight’s your company’s expertise. These SMEs should be identified in the org chart and be available for consultation in key areas. Leveraging SME in an RFP response is a solution that provides credibility and gives RFP responses more significant expertise.


In the business world, time is of the essence. Unfortunately, as many proposal managers come to find out time isn’t always on your side. Working within tight deadlines can make a team stressed and anxious, a bad combination for winning business. Running out of time on proposals can also lead to mistakes and oversights. As many proposal managers know it takes many hours to manually complete a response to an RFP and one minor mistake can throw the entire response out of compliance. A good way to manage this proposal management challenge is to establish manageable deadlines. Proposal managers need to ensure that all steps are completed and reviewed before the due date. Because RFPs are complex and have a lot of moving parts, and automation software such as the Proposal & Contract Suite can help manage deadlines and team roles.


In the government contracting world, the road to winning business is one fraught with challenges and obstacles for the proposal team. Automation software such as the Proposal & Contract Suite can make this road easier for teams. When a team is faced with challenges such as ensuring consistency, leveraging subject matter experts, and managing deadlines introducing automation can make success easier to achieve.

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