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The CAP is the most efficient way
for Proposal Managers to…

Bid/No Bid Application

○  Identify key stakeholders within your organization relevant to the content of the RFx
○  Identify your organization’s core capability relevant to the RFx
○  Leverage your competition and/or partners’ capabilities relevant to the RFx

Shall List Application

○  Automatically identify all ‘Shall’ statements in RFx
○  Parse by:
     –  Section
     –  Paragraph
     –  Sentence

Compare Documents Application

○  Quickly identify:
     –  Inserted content
     –  Deleted content
     –  Modified content

Shred Document Application

○  Automatically identify keywords in an RFx
○  Parse by:
     –  Section
     –  Paragraph
     –  Sentence

RACI Matrix Application

○  Automatically assign which key stakeholders are responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed (RACI) for sections of a document

Work Breakdown Structure Application

○  Parse by:
     –  Section
     –  Paragraph
     –  Sentence
into your WBS template

Readability Application

○  Automatically identify:
     –  Long sentences
     –  Complex words
     –  Passive voice
     –  Adverbs
     –  Your dictionary terms
○  Score your document based on the Flesch-Reading-Ease

Color Team Scorecard Application

○  Parse your proposal by:
     –  Section
     –  Paragraph
     –  Sentence
to generate a scorecard to distribute to your reviewers

Gap Analysis Application

○  Find multiple common concepts within your proposal and relevant RFx’s to identify where your proposal is deficient

Compiler Application

○  Compile multiple Excel files into one, while:
     –  Preserving versioning
     –  Capture individual notes
     –  Capture all changes

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