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Since he was young, the proposal manager liked to read books. His budding imagination was developed by Hemingway, Faulkner and even Melville. He reminisced to the summer nights in high school, he read “Old Man and the Sea”. Hemingway was a master of the strong word. Short choppy sentences like a signature “Hemingway chop”. Action oriented language. Words made simple by one the great authors in history. His favorite passage still embedded in his mind, “You did not kill the fish only to keep alive and to sell for food he thought. You killed him for pride and because you are a fisherman”.

It spoke of the wildness of the open sea. It was as endless as unstructured data of a cellphone carrier. The subtle nobility inherent to the fisherman. The pride of the game, the cycle of predator and prey. It was simple and sophisticated in both construct and language. From a technical standpoint, Hemingway was easy to read. Evocative prose written at an 8th grade reading level almost like plain language.

The proposal manager put down his book. Lately, everything he read was about business development and proposal management. He rarely picked up a fiction book for pleasure. The proposal management thought that leisure is a playground for children and a privilege for adults.

The Power Of QC Readability 

In a dream, he discovered the Professional Document Analyzer as the answer to the complexity of proposal management. He loved to explore the QC Readability feature as an English major that never recovered from the power of the written word.

The proposal manager could create a proposal that is easy to read and checks all the right boxes with the QC Readability Analysis. Unapproved or unacceptable content was a thing of the past like supermarket novellas.

Forecast For Future Of Content 

The forecast for the future of content, especially in proposals, was 100% accuracy and standardization.

He could even customize his own dictionary to identify what needs attention in the document.  The PDA was as granular as analyzing the content to assign a ranking to each segment and paragraph of the draft proposal.

It seemed like a nod to the Hemingway prose made an appearance in the QC Readability Analysis, it can identify complex content. The content can be safe from such grammatic infractions such as long sentences, the use of passive voice and adverbs. It was refreshing.

Readability In Action 

The proposal manager took an RFP from the city that bid for construction of a new stadium. A voluminous construction of pages fanned out on his desk like a deck of playing cards. A manual response to a document of this caliber and sophistication meant hours, days and weeks of his eyes squinting and missing dinner at home. Winning the stadium business would mean a promotion. The capture manager has began making the rounds with city officials on the firm’s behalf.

The PDA would make things right. His proposal did not have to suffer the same fate as the works of amateur authors battling the publishing world. In the world of proposal management, a proposal that was well written and easy to read is well ahead of the competition to win the bid.

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