RACI Matrix For Project Management


What Is Project Management

Project management (PM) is a discipline that focuses on the planning and organization of resources to move a project towards completion. Project management can be a one-time project or a series of goals that can include resources from different departments of the company including HR, finance, and technology.

The principles of project management make it different than daily operations. Fundamentally, a project has a beginning and an end. Therefore, everything that happens in the project has the goal of a successful outcome. The phases of a project include initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closing. Technological advances have made the field of project management more sophisticated. The introduction of automation made it possible to use technological tools that let the computer do the work instead of expending human labor hours. Automation frees up the team’s time for other important things that cannot be automated that require human intelligence and ingenuity for execution. These technological tools are advanced but simple to use. A user can set up a computer system to determine responsibility or create a management dashboard with which the user saves a lot of time that could be used elsewhere.

What Is A RACI Matrix

Project managers use Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) models to increase efficiency in the completion of a project. One of the types of RAM models is a RACI matrix. The RACI matrix is specific on identifying who is R (responsible), A (accountable), C (consulted), and I (informed) regarding a specific subject matter that would be used in a system development project. The use of the RACI is broader than just IT systems development projects, it could be used for any project. So, if a user wants to be efficient, he can specify where people can get their answers from in a document. If a user is trying to build something, he could determine that and then publish it for the people involved in the project to go and refer to. A user can specify a location where someone who needs to have input can go to get an answer. This can be done throughout all the things mentioned in the RACI.

RACI Matrix In Project Management

In project management, RACI is only one model, there are other models that could include support needs. This enables a user to add support to that particular model. Scion Analytics offers the Content Analytics Platform (CAP) with unique capabilities such as content mapping as well as where anyone could build a customizable RACI matrix. CAP has capabilities that could look at an RFP or a text back and determine any kind of requirements. Then base the requirements on the words to determine which people need to be involved in parts of the RACI. The CAP offers a model called Responsibility Assignment Support Consulted Informed matrix (RASCI) which includes Support. That is just one of the varieties of available models, there are a lot of other types of models. The RASCI reads through a text back and breaks it down into components. The components can be by legal or paragraph then it looks for words set up in a library. It then takes keywords and points them at the areas of the company that the user wants to identify for the Responsibility matrix.

RACI Matrix In Project Management Example

An example of the RASCI is when a user is reading the text back and sees the phrase “help desk”, he is going to know that “help desk” gets pointed to an area of the company called support. Therefore, the RASCI helps identify for the user that whenever the word “help desk” appears that support is going to be responsible and held to service level agreements (SLA). The SLA represents an area or a vendor of the company that is held to an indicator for their quality of service.


The RACI matrix is a useful tool in project management that increases the efficiency and the productivity with which the project is completed. The CAP offers various models of the RAM that can automate the process with which companies tackle projects.

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