Press Release

Tampa, FL – Scion Analytics, formerly Atebion LLC, an established government contracting solutions provider scales content analytics platform to help companies uncover value in unstructured content.  

Scion Analytics looks to the future of business intelligence with new capabilities to provide extended services.  In 2014, Tom Lipscomb formed Atebion, LLC with the intention to transform ideas into solutions. Tom created the Professional Document Analyzer, an RFP parsing/analysis tool to simplify and automate proposal management. In July 2020, due to rapid growth Atebion LLC merged with Scion Analytics, a new company guided by a best in class leadership team.

The leadership team includes Tom Lipscomb as the Executive Vice President responsible for the customer focus and business development. Lipscomb notes on the transition: “For six years, Atebion LLC has been supporting the Proposal and Business Development teams within the Government Contractors’ community with continual innovations. As a result of Atebion’s merger to form a new company, Scion Analytics, we are now able to expedite the development of new capabilities with extended services.”

In August 2020, Jim Eddy joined Lipscomb on the leadership team of Scion Analytics as Chief Executive Officer. Eddy brings decades of technology expertise with prior experience in tech executive roles with T-Mobile, Certegy, Electronic Payment Services. He said: “Scion Analytics is shaping the future as we focus on helping organizations tap into unstructured data. Whether an Excel spreadsheet, a PDF document or an email, coming from a customer or a vendor, we are committed to quantify and leverage content to make better decisions”.

Eddy oversees the strategy and operations of Scion Analytics. Under Eddy’s leadership, the mission of Scion Analytics is to help companies use patterns of information from unstructured content to enrich business decisions. The message behind this mission is led by Danny Murawinski. As Chief Marketing Officer, Murawinski is committed to providing value for content from inception to consumption. He has a vision of Scion Analytics being a resource to potential and current customers and the public at large. He commented: “Scion Analytics is spearheading the content revolution to give consumers control over their content. We are empowering our users with a freedom to choose their own content instead of the platform defining it. From enterprise level solutions down to the individual user, the customer has the ability to liberate value within content. “

For most of the business world, unstructured data remains uncharted territory as far as deriving value to be highly competitive. It can revolutionize the marketing intelligence of businesses by using unstructured content such as document stores, websites, and shared file repositories. Scion Analytics innovates this practice by staying committed to the founding core values of professionalism, unwavering commitment to quality and being a trusted partner in client relationships.

Scion Analytics looks to the bright future of the content analytics platform as it empowers businesses and people to liberate value within content.