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It might seem surprising, but you can tweak a Request For Proposal (RFP) to give your company a winning advantage over competitors. And it is legal and acceptable in the industry. RFP shaping is skewing the requirements of the federal agency to be suited in your favor.

The best of the government contractors shape requirements in a way to increase their win probability (Pwin). They wire contracts and seal deals with perfect proposals, all before other competitors can get started.

The government will try to move in the opposite direction for an even playing field for the competitors to not risk formal protests that it is biased. But the RFP can be successfully rewritten to win your proposal.

How To Shape An RFP

Following some important steps will ensure that the RFP requirements are rewritten and shaped for your favor and win, which will also prove to be unfavorable for the competitors’ capabilities. The areas that can be reshaped in your favor are the scope of work, the facilities being used, or the schedule. These steps listed below will highlight both your supremacy and best solution stature for the vendor:

· The earlier you build the relationship and become a trusted advisor for your clients, the better.

· Propose a solution that both benefits your company and meets their needs so well that the competitor has no chance to win the bid.

· Your recommendations should reflect the interests of both parties. You need to show that your solution is in line with what they want and follows all rules. There should be no preferential treatment, or someone will protest.

Reshape The RFP Scope Of Work

The best way to help your customers is by providing them with clear directions. Define the tasks and objectives that need solving in a manner that suits your company’s strengths, so that you can find a compelling solution for both parties involved to make sure they are on board.

Help the requesting customer define what tasks and objectives specifically need to be accomplished for their solution to be realized within your capabilities and goals.

Help define what metrics apply that fits your solution well. Use a confident prescriptive statement of work project rather than a generalized hope of accomplishment. State how the project will progress and at what costs. Offer the prescriptive type of work scope with fixed costs that is within your company goals as well. Should there be room for work scope negotiation? Should there be excluded work scope elements that are not favorable to your company? Demonstrate your company’s solid performance metrics which cannot be overshadowed by the competitors.

Reshape All RFP Aspects Of The Solution

Key personnel and resume requirements are the areas where you should shine. Demonstrate both your key personnel who will accomplish the project and their resume compliance with the agency’s requirements.

You can influence the future of your workplace by influencing what is required for it. In addition to facilities and resources, you might also want to look at qualifications that will help set standards in this field such as certifications or platform requirements.

Reshape The RFP Legal And Insurance Requirements

You have a great idea for an invention or software, but are you willing to give up the rights? Or will the government license your intellectual property from yourself? What does this mean for competition in terms of who can use it and how much they pay if at all.

If you will be working in a war zone or a foreign country, see if it would be in your best interest to require insurance policies. This might be what you already have but will take the competitors time to obtain.


There are a few things you can do to make sure that your company is at the top of mind when it comes time for RFPs. It might seem like an overwhelming process, but these steps will help highlight what makes your company unique and why they should choose you over all others.

A business proposal for the federal government is a complex document requiring great care and collaboration from many team players. A good way to ensure the proposal is well-developed is by using software technology enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities.

The Proposal & Contracts Suite, an out-of-the-box solution, developed by Scion Analytics, can help ensure the efficient development of your RFPs.

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