PDA To RFP: Meeting The Request For Proposal


The proposal manager looked around the cocktail hour at the country club. There was the usual mix of older gentlemen particular to their scotch and younger wives in elaborate dresses. The parade of dresses turned in front of his eye like a sartorial kaleidoscope. Blue, green, red, and black fabric and patterns swirling around the room punctured by sets of diamonds in good taste.

The well-dressed crowd of the country club was great for networking. Just the other day he played a round of golf with a minor city politician. The thought of working with the city was exciting for the proposal manager. After all, after acquiring a seat license for the Professional Document Analyzer. It was akin to tapping into the “best kept secret in business development”. His boss took him to lunch to discuss new business opportunities for the upcoming year.

Meet the Capture Manager 

He mentioned a potential addition to the business development team of a capture manager. A few familiar names floated around the table. There was the guy in the Northeast that came highly recommended. Suddenly, the proposal manager was captivated by the thought of fall in the Northeast. The seductive dance of fall leaves against the blistering sky. The clouds parting to let the last rays of sunshine fall in a dull shine, begging to be noticed as fall turned to winter. The proposal manager had to go talk to the capture manager about the PDA. The compliance matrix alone was worth a meeting.

The capture manager was tall and sociable. He was as engaging as he was strategic in the relationships he formed. He knew the language of the business development world and used it to his advantage. He was as hungry for new business as the proposal manager was for a better pWin rate. The proposal manager knew the PDA would change the capture manager’s world.

Compliance Matrix Demo 

The laptop gleamed in the light of the restaurant. Flat surfaces polished to precision, the inanimate comes to life as the screen flashed to reveal the UI of the PDA. The proposal manager clicked “Start” and exhaled to find a menu of dynamic tasks populating the screen.

He chose the compliance matrix for his demo to the capture manager. The proposal management world was black and white, good, and bad, comply or die. The secret to staying compliant does not have to be painful.

The proposal manager was haunted by visions of the RFP as it was deconstructed to death in the shredder. The capture manager did not have to suffer the same PTSD. He went on to explain the compliance matrix. It identified all the requirements and ensured that the requirements are addressed in the proposal. A cross-reference compliance matrix was another option that included win themes, list values, and storyboard/content plans. Both matrixes were modeled using an Excel Shipley Associates template which reassured the proposal manager of the quality of the product.  

It’s A Win/Win 

The proposal manager had a glass of wine as he watched the capture manager’s face light up. This was a win/win. A path, a strategy, a way to step out of the dichotomy of black and white, comply or die into the light. The days of being depressed over losing business were coming to an end. Compliance is complicated, winning business with the PDA is easy.

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