RIP To The RFP Contract


It was the night before Halloween.

The proposal manager sat in front of the TV. Scenes from horror movies flashed on the screen, a kaleidoscope of colors reflected on his face. He was haunted by the day in the office. The horror of noncompliance for an RFP realized. The big proposal reduced to a deluge of pages in the trash can.

Here Lies The RFP, May It Rest In Peace

A nightmare of lengthy email chains and stacks of elaborate Excel spreadsheets. The time that he can never get back. The disappointment of his manager. Winning the bid was all in his head after all.

The trick or treaters passed by his window. The night was pitch black. The moon bright and full in the October sky.

As midnight came, the proposal manager became afraid of reading another RFP. A monster of complexity and questions, the procurement document gave him anxiety.

There Is A Better Way To Win Business

The proposal manager fell asleep in front of the TV.

He had a vivid dream of RFP digitization. Halcyon visions of the proposal management industry stepping into the future. The elegance of automation technology applied to reduce human error and increase efficiency. The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) leveraged in a content analytics platform.

To understand the largest buyer in the world, the US government with data driven decisions. The opportunities were endless to ensure compliance. He could identify and address all RFP requirements in the proposal, create a compliance matrix and proposal color reviews.

Can pWin Be Increased by A Platform?

Was it true that a platform could increase pWin? The capability to accurately evaluate for bid/No bid and formalize the proposal process with a flutter of clicks. It was tempting for the proposal manager to see his proposal through the lens of content analysis. Dictionaries, acroseekers, QC readability analysis and RACI matrixes swirled around in his dream like bright stars.

He caught a glimpse of the Professional Document Analyzer (PDA). The platform that shredded and parsed the RFP so well it killed it. The RFP could no longer haunt the proposal manager if generating all the artifacts from the RFP to proposal was cut down from 111 hours by 98.2%.

Rest In Peace, The RFP Contract

The PDA saved the proposal manager from anxiety and stress. It made proposal management easy. The proposal manager enjoyed the precision of robust technology. The promise of innovation in a highly regulated industry. It was almost like the beginning of the content revolution. The way he could quantify and analyze content with just a few clicks.

He counted and it could free 1,436 minutes from his week. He could use those minutes to golf. Or take up Italian cooking. Get his weekends back. The possibilities were endless as he knew time is such a precious resource.

He stirred from his dream as he imagined drinking a martini or two by the pool after a round of golf at the club. The complexity of the RFP was dead, the demise of manually wrangled data and confused people in frightfully long email chains. It was a new day.

Happy Halloween from Scion Analytics!

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