Scion Analytics Created Jobs And Expanded As Part Of Tampa Bay Tech Hub


In every city across America, the economic recovery after the pandemic looks different. For many industries that consider Tampa Bay their home, it has been a welcome return to opening doors to customers and scaling operations. It is due to Tampa Bay’s overall competitiveness to thrive and innovate that the city solidified as a new tech hub outside Silicon Valley.

As more innovative tech solutions originate in Tampa Bay, VCs, startups, incubators, and accelerators improve the economy. These companies contribute to a fast-paced job-creating engine that attracts world-class talent to the area. One of such companies is Scion Analytics that is expanding and adding value to the community.

Recently, Scion Analytics celebrated its growing presence in the community. Tom Lipscomb, Executive Vice President and Founder of Atebion said, “It was the continuous drive for advanced innovation that led to the merger of Atebion LLC to form Scion Analytics last year.” Scion Analytics offers enterprises the Content Analytics Platform (CAP). It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read and analyze unstructured data, data they didn’t even know they had.

Atebion started as an idea for a solution to automate the proposal process in the government contracting industry. As it merged to Scion Analytics, it added more than 20 new tech jobs and found innovative uses for unstructured data in the commercial sector. Unique, propriety technologies based on AI and NLP changed the way enterprises work with content. It allowed Scion Analytics to achieve what few companies can do – bridge the gap between government contracting and the commercial sector.

Scion Analytics CEO, James R. Eddy, reflected on the anniversary, “A year ago today we completed the merger into Scion Analytics with a company that has a legacy of more than a decade. There were many challenges ahead of us. Some we knew were coming and some we didn’t. We were starting in the middle of the pandemic. We had to ensure we continued to provide our current customers with industry-leading service. New product strategies around Content Analytics, AI, and Natural Language Processing had to be devised and executed…and we needed to greatly expand our team to execute those strategies. We’re also aggressively expanding into commercial industries.”

As a result, Scion Analytics focused on service delivery which resulted in 2x the business. Scion Analytics encourages employees to be directly involved in innovation. The mission is to build best-of-the-best team with diverse talent and a culture of curiosity. For Scion Analytics staff to contribute to the excitement and fast pace of the Tampa Bay tech scene. Eddy commented, “I’m proud of how our team grew together, responding to these challenges and growing our business. Our future looks even more exciting as we added a new Development Team that is entirely focused on innovation and a Consulting Team to assist our enterprise customers in leveraging our platform and expertise. Some very interesting news is coming so stay tuned.”

As Tampa Bay transforms into a world-class tech hub, it is companies like Scion Analytics that are setting the tone. While enterprise clients explore the possibilities of the technology, it is local talent that imagines what these technologies can do.

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