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At midnight, we say goodbye to a year in which we lived in the pages of history textbooks. 2020 was an extraordinary year. It brought the world to a halt and reshaped the way we live, do business, and connect. We were apart, socially distanced, quarantined, and cocooned in homes with the news loops to keep us company. Yet we were closer together with kindness, empathy, compassion, all the shades of human goodness that overcome in the name of life.  It changed us as Americans, as a nation united by freedom and opportunity to be grateful for our grace.

We stood together and watched the strength of our country as America stood together during the 2008 financial crisis and 9/11. As Americans, we know some things for sure. You cannot put a price on freedom.

You cannot restraint the progress of technology with fear. When living in unprecedented times, life is made better by the efficiency of technology. There’s safety in the predictability of automation for internal processes and customer processes, a reprieve from the changes of the world. The innovation of AI has made the digital experience hyper-personalized, enabling chatbots and interactive websites to develop a level of empathy for the user experience unseen before the pandemic.  In the coming years, questions are raised for businesses navigating the gap between automation and human-to-human experience, a dynamic that was wildly disrupted by the pandemic.

A Start Of A New Year

As the new year dawns, lessons learned from businesses tested by required remote working conditions and shifting consumer demand will dictate the opportunities to come. A business in 2021, will not only be measured on profitability but also agility. The ability to pivot, especially for enterprise level businesses in a time of need.

In 2021, what will our relationship be to the government, economy, healthcare, and each other?

Hope Of Promise And Prosperity 

As humans, we are hardwired for connections. Waves of social distancing have physically robbed us of that, as restaurants and malls became deserts, we became more comfortable with absence. A paradox arose, as we met our coworkers, friends and loved ones online, we communicated more often and intimately with them. Emails, Tweets, Facebook messages, Instagram posts, group texts, and phone calls filled the air, as they are safer and more urgent to exchange.

We look to the future scarred by the crisis as full of opportunity. Post-pandemic days that favor hope with promise and prosperity. If human errors during the pandemic gave rise to ideas as light bulbs with innovation, humanity moves forward in history textbooks. Communication in plain language during crisis taught us that words have the power to build or tear down empires.

In 2021, you can let go of the word fear and find comfort in trust. You can pass on empathy, kindness and compassion that were in dire need during the pandemic to a friend or a stranger. For a moment, you can stop in gratitude in nature, the outdoors that remains unchanged and beautiful, no matter the season. Life unfolds at the moment marked by breath, the secret of new beginnings. This new year, in a world that has been forever changed, we look to the simple things such as love and nature to be hyperconnected in the heart.

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