The Importance of Readability


Readability means business content will make an impact. It is important to communicate in a language that others understand. When we don’t speak the same languages, it can make our intentions difficult to know. There is darkness surrounding everything written unless someone understands it. The same problem exists when the same language is spoken between two people but not in an understandable way.

It can be argued that if the federal government, or anyone, insisted on unclear, complex statements when communicating, then they are being dishonest. They are not being honorable in the sense of being transparent with their citizens. This does not encourage trust. Trust is fundamental in both leadership and a contractual relationship.

Every industry benefits from good readability. Improving readability results in improved cart completion rates. Citizen inquiries are reduced regarding the government’s communications, saving time and money.

Plain language has become increasingly influential in our society’s public policy. Laws are passed which require transparency and clear communication from all of those involved, giving it a wide-reaching impact on both local communities as well as throughout the world at large

Single Ideas Are Easily Grasped

Avoiding long sentences can help with readability. Why should you avoid long sentences? Shorter sentences promote successful communication. Most people cannot easily process sentences complicated with several ideas. People can retain a single idea more easily. Parts of a complex idea are more easily grasped when presented individually better than grouped in a longer sentence. The reader can then build up the simple ideas to the complex idea structure more successfully.

Instead, break up complex thoughts into easily expressed short sentence units that help you convey your main point. Readers are more likely to follow along with the information and find it easier on their brains as well.

Long sentences can be very difficult to understand. They often include lots of subordinate ideas and clauses which add complexity but don’t really help in absorbing the main point because there is too much going on at once.

Targeted Audience Is Successfully Reached

Readability formulas can help you target your audience and ensures they can understand your statements.

You want people who will be reading the text, so take these into account when creating messages for them!

In plain language, you can provide the same amount of value to your readers. By optimizing your text for Plain Language Writing (PLW) and clearing up any confusion about its use in communication with diverse groups; yours will be:

· Quicker read than traditional writing.

· Easier to understand because it makes difficult concepts more accessible by breaking down complex sentences into simple ones or using imagery where appropriate.

· Easier retention since less time is needed from the reader’s point view due to shorter sentence lengths.

Saves Time and Money

Improving your readability saves you time and money. You reduce the amount of work required to answer questions. This in turn helps cut down on wasted resources such as man hours spent getting answers because company text was not readable.

Google Favors User-Friendly Content

Google loves content that is user-friendly. Google ranks easily-found content higher in search results. Each new update from Google makes SEO more focused towards what people need.

Improved Bounce Rate

Readability has an impact on bounce rate. Users are goal-oriented and want to find information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Finding information can be difficult when scrolling through long blocks of text. Improving readability makes it easier on the eye. Then people do not give up trying or move onto another website to find their answer. The users will also feel better about themselves in general.


Readability is an important factor in producing quality content. It influences Google ranking, as well as accessibility and usability for both readers and search engines alike. Readability inspires trust with a company’s brand which can enhance its reputation among consumers.

The Content Analytics Platform (CAP), developed by Scion Analytics, can quickly analyze any document to check its readability, ensuring successful communication.

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