The Most Exciting Technology Trends Of 2022


Tech is a fast-paced industry that is obsessed with progress and shaping the future of the world. In 2022, tech facilitated the emergence of a virtual world during the pandemic and saw an accelerated rate of digitization and virtualization. This combined with increased data volumes to process by businesses made 2022 an exciting time for technology trends. Many people are curious how much technology is going to change their routines and habits. Given the fact that the world is divided into “before the smartphone” and “after the smartphone”, it makes sense that people are on the look out for a definitive technology trend of a lifetime.

Like every other industry, tech has been disrupted by the pandemic. However, this disruption has created the demand for more powerful computer systems which need faster networks for connection. Most of these networks are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), cutting edge technology that prevents the networks from getting bottlenecked or bogged down during critical needs.

The emergence of AI has changed the way society interacts with technology. Technology writers have pointed out how much tech has changed since 2009 and that change can be felt, not just seen. Things that were deemed impossible years ago are now a reality with motivation and creativity from humans. AI has allowed people to focus on higher value-added tasks while automating the mundane and repetitive tasks inherent in productivity.

As AI permeates the tools, we use to carry out every day work, it’s no wonder that a big focus of its usage is in office and administrative processes. One such tool could be voice assistants like Siri or Alexa which are available on smartphones as well as other devices including speakers- none too heavy-handed at assisting with tasks from calendars updates to ordering groceries online. As AI becomes more sophisticated so do the virtual assistants. Another trend in tech is hyper personalization, the ability for machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to refine the algorithms based on personal preferences and deliver a much more

personalized experience to the user. This will encourage more humans to adapt and become comfortable with technology as it becomes more pervasive in daily life. The interesting thing about trends is the ability to see change over time. It will be exciting to see how the interplay between machine and humans will solidify as an art and science in the coming years.

Other trends for 2022 include “convergence”, a technology where tools emerge to allow people to interact seamlessly with physical worlds like an enhanced video game. This is just one of the glimpses into the future. Soon, smart cars will have facial recognition algorithms that can determine whether the driver is paying attention to the road or too tired to drive. Smart cars will be able to take over the steering wheel and introduce preventive maintenance measures.

Technology changes at the speed of light which makes identifying and following the trends year to year an exciting and educational experience. From convergence to smart cars, our world shaped by technology is becoming more and more robust and engaging on a personal level.

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