The Power Of The Professional Document Analyzer


When a product lives on the edge of innovation, such as the Professional Document Analyzer (PDA), there is an educational component to the adoption of the tech solution. With roots in government contracting, the PDA is poised to transform work processes across silos and industries. And it is only the beginning of a great conversation for the Scion Analytics team with the users of the tool.

A Conversation With The Solutions Director, Len Terranova

As the Solutions Director, Len Terranova explains, “When I see a download, I want to tell the interested user to schedule a demo with me. I promise you, you will see the value of the software”.

What makes the PDA valuable to a user?

Compared to the competition, the PDA is designed with features of the tool that give it flexibility and power. The differentiator that makes the most significant difference is the PDA features that customize the software to your needs.

For example, while major competitors and other companies can do a RACI matrix, the PDA can produce any kind of responsibility assignment matrix even beyond the user’s imagination. The RACI matrix uses keywords to assign responsibility within your organization or area of the company. An organization can select an employee to be responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed for roles in a project using RACI. Furthermore, the PDA allows for several formats of who is responsible for support, often not included in a standard RACI matrix.

Customization Of Document Shredding 

Terranova emphasizes, “If you saw the customization capabilities of the tool, you would see how useful it is and how you can implement it in your company”.

Even more compelling to users is how easy it is to customize features in the PDA. Users are amazed at how much customization you can do in the PDA, without any programming with just a working knowledge of Excel. As an intuitive solution, the PDA supports users at multiple levels of technical aptitude. A welcome relief from the technical complexities of Excel macros and coding.

Word To Excel Capability 

Terranova elaborates on another feature of a PDA that is fundamental in improving workflow. The tool converts Word to Excel by reading a Word document and breaking it down by sentence, paragraph, or section number. It places those sections into separate cells in an Excel spreadsheet.

The power of this feature lies in taking unstructured data and making it more understandable and usable. By organizing content, the tool highlights the keywords that you want to see and breaks them down into logical sections. In gaining structure, the content becomes usable for making business decisions with data previously untapped in repositories.

Shipley Associates Templates 

According to Terranova, another differentiator of the PDA is the compliance matrix with keywords built-in by Shipley Associates. Shipley is the leading experts in government contracting and answering the federal government with proposals. The advantage of Shipley templates and methodology built-in PDA platform is clear- ensures better compliance for proposals in government contracting.

Terranova concludes, “After a demo, prospective clients like the fact that all of our tools are in one place. Many solutions in the industry are not as complete as the PDA. Forcing the user to deal with multiple vendors instead of adopting a holistic solution.”

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