Executive Vice President

Tom Lipscomb


Meet Tom

At Scion Analytics, Tom is responsible for customer focus and business development. He is an innovator of new concepts for the product. In the future, Tom envisions the content analytics platform as the software standard for transforming unstructured content into Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR2).

Tom’s talent for innovation comes from continuous learning and improvement. His education and experience include business, computer technology, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering.

Meet Tom

As Executive Vice President and co-founder of Scion Analytics, Tom Lipscomb created a content analytics platform that saves time and improves accuracy as it transforms and processes information.

With capabilities that change how people work, this product is a catalyst for the content revolution of government contracting, healthcare, legal, automotive, construction and other verticals.

After decades of innovation, leadership and business development in the technology industry, a constant for Tom is transforming ideas into solutions. In the 1980s, he designed Teflon high frequency printed circuit boards. In 1990s, he pioneered source code automation for a software development. He worked with federal and commercial agencies on classified materials to develop new solutions. 

Tom was the founder and Chief Operating Officer for Atebion LLC. In 2014, he designed the content analytics platform for capture and proposal teams to improve business processes. As a result, Atebion market share grew from individual consultants to international corporations.

In July 2020, Scion Analytics formed via a merger/acquisition from Atebion LLC.