Unstructured Data Examples


The various kinds of data that are generated through a variety of sources at practically every moment are categorized as structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data. Unstructured data is usually complex and heterogeneous; it cannot be mapped to a predefined structure such as a data table or a relational database. There are many types of data, each are different and has its own importance.

Here are eight examples of unstructured data:

Healthcare Records

Healthcare generates large volumes of machine-generated, as well as human-generated, unstructured data. Medical imaging devices such as endoscopes, laparoscopes, and surgery robots generate a plethora of this type. Patient monitors in operating theaters or intensive care units may provide some biosignals for analysis.

Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of the lives of billions of people around the world, with people using them to consume information and interact socially. Businesses will often use social platforms as well to reach their customers more effectively than ever before. Governments have also started relying heavily on this type of communication tool when they need public opinion polls quickly. Disaster victims use it for assistance when managing crises at home or abroad from afar.

Business Documents

The plethora of information that is used to conduct business, such as emails and presentations, contain data in the form of text messages. These documents are unstructured, which makes them difficult for organizations

because they are not mapped onto an already existing database system like Excel or Access.

Multi-Media Content

The media and entertainment industry are always creating new content, whether it is for surveillance systems or professional publishers. However, these databases do not process the actual contents of video files because they are stored unstructured data with images as tags instead.

Electronic Communications

For today’s professional and personal discussions, data can be created in the form of unstructured audio or text by using popular apps such as WhatsApp. Web conferencing platforms like Zoom offer additional options for collaboration tools that are used to communicate across distances.


There are many methods for conducting market research and employee engagement. The format of such surveys typically includes multiple choice questions, with open-ended responses being formatted as unstructured text.

Publications And Listings

In addition to the structured data published on sites like LinkedIn, publications are also filled with unstructured content. This is hard to extract for machines and computer users alike. This includes news stories from newspapers or magazines about current events as well as job listings.


Websites are made up of text, images, audio, and videos that can be found on the web. All this content has an output tone that is not captured in HTML codes.


Data is the lifeblood of any company and knowing what information to collect can be difficult. Unstructured data is information in many different forms that does not follow conventional models. Basically, it is data that cannot be neatly fitted onto a spreadsheet. It is difficult to store and manage, but creative minds have been finding new ways all the time.

The Content Analytics Platform (CAP), developed by Scion Analytics, can help with data discovery. The CAP can quickly analyze any textual data, in any format, and turn it into structured data that is discoverable for value.

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