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Scion Analytics is a leader in empowering companies to transform and scale their business by harnessing the Content Analytics Platform (CAP).

Experience the journey of Scion Analytics, from a bright spark of an idea to a leading content analytics platform. Share our dedication to innovation from our partnership approach to our employee expertise. This is where the future of content analytics is made.

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An Idea
Was Born

Amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Tom Lipscomb’s innovation started with a software concept. This was the solution to automate the RFP-to-proposal process, intended for the government contracting industry.

As the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) expanded, businesses of all sizes realized the value of the CAP. Scion Analytics is focused on providing exceptional service for an elegant customer experience.

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We Empower People To Liberate Value in Content

Our success depends upon our clients’ success. We believe that providing new, innovative solutions gives our clients a competitive advantage in the areas of:

Business Capabilities

Unstructured Data

AI & NLP Technologies

The Future of Content

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We Do Not Predict The Future—
We Create It

What does it mean to create the future?

Together, we are on a transformational journey with content analytics becoming a ubiquitous form of communication.

This journey starts with a foundation of core values and a dedication to meaningful innovation and action.

Our values, professionalism, respect, and trust span across the company, drive our actions, behaviors, and performance. With a vision for a more connected world.

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Slide Our Core Values Professionalism We are consummate professionals that thrive on excellence and commitment to technical leadership. From support technicians to software developers, we are service-driven to deliver a high quality of product on time.

Respect We believe in treating every client and team member with consideration. Open and honest communication is fundamentally important where everyone is being heard and valued. From our team members to our clients, every relationship is treated with respect. Trust The willingness to empower employees to be open, transparent, and putting promises into practice. For us to deliver complex solutions that meet the changing needs of clients requires honesty and integrity.

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Our Greatest Asset Is Our Employees

We believe our strength lies in the diversity and deep expertise of our team. Through curiosity, we drive progress which gives all of us a new outlook on the world and its possibilities for emerging technology.

This is a trusted relationship where our Content Analytics Platform is infused with exceptional service to accelerate your mission. When you use our technology, you have the entire Scion Analytics company behind it. A company to help scale your business by eliminating inefficiencies and automating business capabilities.

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A Partner That Architects The Future

With personalized support for the CAP, global businesses can increase impact, extend technical capabilities, improve operational efficiency, and scale their business. It moves the world forward.

It started with a bright spark of an idea. A service-oriented company steeped in innovation and committed to moving business forward. When your business chooses Scion Analytics, you gain the strength, expertise, and reliability of a leading Content Analytics Platform with personalized support. Together, we are building a bright future through technology.

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