Win Themes


When you address something that the customer really cares about in a manner that pleases them, that is the win theme. That “something” may or may not have been mentioned in your RFP, but it is likely a big motivator.

The bid team’s goal is to find the best way of meeting all customer needs at an efficient level. This can be done by evaluating how well you will be able to serve their requirements and then formulating a proposal accordingly.

The customer is going to have a lot of options in front of them. You can ensure that your proposal will stand out by writing it with targeted confidence regarding their needs. It should be a genuine tone and with engaging content so you’re not just repeating what everyone else says on their websites or in advertisements.

What Is A Win Theme?

Proposing a customer-focused solution is the best way to win their business. What does your customer want to achieve? How would they define success, and what are the steps needing to be taken for them to reach this goal? Answering these questions will help you determine which solution might be best able to meet their needs. This also ensures it aligns with other relevant factors like budget or timeline constraints.

Some things that do not constitute a win theme are:

· Company slogans

· Company taglines

· Contract incumbency

· Generic expressions of superiority

Win Theme Importance

The best solution idea that is offered by your company in the proposal cover letter is the undercurrent theme. This theme will be woven throughout the proposal. This customer-focused satisfying solution will be the reason the customer will select your services. This satisfying solution will be why the evaluators will easily decide for your company. That is the importance of a win theme.

Win Theme Examples

Below are a couple of win theme formulas for examples. They all will have these main elements:

· The important, decision-maker people are addressed

· Write it warmly and sincerely as though being written to yourself

· Use attractive formatting

· Maybe share a brief success story

· Be the same company in the same character that was invited by RFP

· Close with the desire to contract with them and sign with real signatures

FedEx To The State Of Utah Example

This letter:

· Starts with a certain addressee for the State of Utah

· Starts with an engaging line

· Uses attractive formatting with bullet points

· FedEx experience is stated

· Statement of the FedEx brand in simple terms

· Signed by a real person

Insight Public Sector Proposal Letter To Education Service Center (ESCO)

This letter:

· Fits everything stated onto a single page

· Introduces Insight’s response to ESCO’s RFP

· Insight’s qualifications are restated confidently

· Uses colored headline words to draw attention to Insight’s important differentiators


Proposal win themes are a way for you to articulate why the customer should select your company. These compelling reasons need to be customer-focused, not your company. The developed proposal should constantly gravitate around these two or three win themes, always showing how good the customer’s future looks with these themes being realized by your company.

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