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Shred Your RFP


Analyzes (parse / shred) your RFPs for words like Must, Shall, Will and your custom keywords/phrases – Supports 6 File Types

Create a Compliance Matrix with 2 clicks in an Excel template or MS Word document

Analysis Results panel – Manipulate your analysis results by splitting, combining, annotating, and filtering

Share your Compliance Matrix and reports with 2 clicks

Generate A Compliance Matrix

⬣  Use our Default Template or Create Your Cross-Reference Compliance Matrix Template

⬣  Auto-Populate Requirements, such as Section L

⬣  Filter Requirements

⬣  Share Your Compliance Matrix With a Single Click

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Analyze & Shred RFx

Compare RFx of last draft to the final draft to identify changes.

Identify opportunities to ensure the company has resources and capabilities to fulfill contract.

Parse/Shred, and analyze your RFx for words like “must, shall, will” or use custom keywords and phrases. Customizable without writing code or macros.

Identify what requirements must be addressed at a given section including win themes/discriminators/risks to ensure compliance.

Customize without writing code or macros.

Identify acronyms in the RFx to better understand the content and ensure the same acronyms will be used in the response.

Identify level of risk in the RFx.

Respond RFx

Improve the quality of the proposal response by reviewers flagging sections and identifying necessary changes. Customizable without writing code or macros.

Compare concepts in the response (proposal) with concepts used in the RFx to identify requirement gaps.

Ensure the RFx response and other document are written effectively with plain language guidelines. Choose what is important to you.

Identify and validate acronyms that are used in the RFx response.

Final Proposal

Compare concepts in the response (Proposal) with concepts used in the RFx to identify requirement gaps.

Check the final proposal for plain language that is easy to understand and ensure inappropriate words and phrases that are not to be used.

Quality check for the final proposal.


Use Section C of the RFP to help produce outline project plans with WBS capability to estimate the time to deliver on the proposal.

Create your own custom Responsibility Assignment Matrix template and model without writing code or macros. Customizable without writing code or macros.

Staff rank resumes for positions needed to execute the proposal.

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Identify & Validate Acronyms

Quickly scan your documents to identify acronyms and undefined acronyms. Also wrong and inconsistent use of acronyms and acronyms that have been defined more than once.

⬣  Auto-Generate an Acronym MS Word Table Document

⬣  Supports Acronym Dictionaries and Ignore Dictionaries

⬣  Using a Dictionary is Optional

⬣  Generates an Acronym Analysis Report

⬣  Share Report With Your Team With 2 Clicks

⬣  Identify & Validate acronyms such as:

      – Not Defined

      – Defined Differently

      –  Multi Defined

      – Acronyms Used Before Definition

Compare Documents

Identifies differences between two versions of the same document in a side-by-side interactive window. Indicates Modified (yellow), Inserted (green) and Deleted (red).

⬣  Compare Draft to Final RFP and Proposal Versions

⬣  Interactive Review of Differences Side-By-Side

⬣  Color Highlighted Differences

⬣  Detail Modifications

⬣  Annotate Changes Per Line

⬣  Generate a Report, Including Annotated Notes

Readability Analysis

Determine what is important to you. What is important to you affects the Ranking of each segment/paragraph of your Draft Proposal. This makes it easy to identify what content requires addressing.

⬣  Ensure your proposal is easy to read

⬣  Identify complex content, long sentences, overuse of passive voice and adverbs

⬣  Quickly identify what content requires changing based on the Ranking (e.g. A, B, C, D & F)

⬣  Filter by Rank ranges

⬣  Use your own dictionary terms to identify unapproved/unacceptable content – Easy to customize a dictionary for a particular proposal



What sets Scion Analytics apart from our competitors is the ability to customize nearly every aspect of the platform without writing macros/code. However, you are not required to customize anything. We provide numerous out-of-box capabilities and templates that you can get you started within a couple minutes. Additionally, Scion Analytics can provide our technical service team to create your custom Tasks/Application and Templates based on your needs.  

As a result customers are showing us their customized solutions, that they created within a few minutes without macros/code. Imagine what you can do… your proposal will be the most productive and winning team in your company. 

Benefits of Customization: 

  • Create your own solutions 
  • Increases flexibility 
  • Provides consistency and uniformity 
  • Reduces rework time and reduce human errors – Copy and pasting not needed 
  • Speed up the proposal development time 
  • Ensure best practices 

Excel Templates

Why Use Templates?

⬣  Templates Increase Flexibility

⬣  Easy To Use

⬣  Provides Consistency and Uniformity

⬣  Reduce Rework Time and Reduce Errors. (Copy-and-Pasting Not Needed)

⬣  Speed-Up Proposal Development Time

⬣  Apply Best Practices


We want to thank Shipley Associates for providing us with some Excel Templates.

Export analysis results (shredded document) to an Excel Template for generating
a Compliance Matrix or other reports/matrices. Also include your annotated notes.

Create your own Excel Templates within a few minutes with drop-down selections – No macros!
You don’t have to have expert Excel knowledge, nor have experience using VBA in Excel.